HTC Announces EXODUS 5G Hub:
The World’s Most Private Router

Mar 5 · 3 min read
  • EXODUS 5G Hub allows you to run full bitcoin node from your home
  • Key ownership makes it the world’s most secure 5G router
  • Full support for Zion privacy suite including new apps

Taipei, March 4th, 2020 — HTC today announces its EXODUS 5G Hub which enables ultra-secure 5G connectivity for any internet-enabled device and the ability to run a full Bitcoin node through its Zion ecosystem. The EXODUS 5G Hub is expected to be available to buy in Q2.

The EXODUS 5G Hub is the most secure router on the market thanks to its unrivalled privacy features, privacy application suite, and most importantly the ability to own your own keys via Zion. This ability to own your own keys via the EXODUS 5G Hub means the power of data transfer rests with the user. You are now verifying the cloud servers, rather than them verifying you. It is a complete power shift from the status quo. This feature means the EXODUS 5G Hub is the ultimate safeguard against the collection of data by big tech companies in your home through smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Facebook Portal, and more.

Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC says: “EXODUS was always about more than smartphones: EXODUS is about ownership. Owning your keys, owning your data, owning your privacy. EXODUS is the shield against the onslaught of big tech and its assault on the privacy of your home. By using the EXODUS 5G Hub, you have more control and ownership of your data than ever before.”

Like HTC’s EXODUS 1 and EXODUS 1s smartphones, the EXODUS 5G Hub contains full support for the Zion Vault. Key features of the Zion Vault include the ability to run a full Bitcoin node, social key recovery in case you lose your device, and an all-in-one private vault that allows you to view your BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, XLM and other popular ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Support for even more popular privacy apps is coming to all EXODUS devices, including the ProtonMail email service, Brave browser, and Incognito VPN.

  • ProtonMail is the world’s leading secure email service. Developed by CERN and MIT scientists, it protects millions of users and is trusted by journalists, activists, businesses and regular citizens all around the world. It is end-to-end encrypted and protected by Swiss privacy laws
  • Brave is a free and open source internet browser that enables users to earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) rewards by opting into privacy-respecting ads and helps give publishers back their fair share of internet revenue
  • Incognito is a fast, secure, and decentralized VPN and ad blocker. Incognito protects EXODUS 5G Hub and all of the devices connected to it. Incognito also enables users to access the web without being throttled by their internet service provider

Follow HTC EXODUS for updates on the release and availability of the EXODUS 5G Hub.

About HTC EXODUS & Zion Vault:

HTC EXODUS is a smart solution that will power the decentralized web.
For more than 20 years, HTC has created foundational technology for worldwide mobile and virtual reality technology. Through EXODUS, HTC is investing in the development and implementation of blockchain technology that will usher in a new area of secure data storage and transactions and take blockchain technology mobile for the first time.

Zion, your private vault on the blockchain, allows you to conduct crypto transactions, view and manage your crypto collectibles, and manage your crypto life while maintaining ownership of your keys. With your Zion Vault, store, send, and request bitcoin, ether, binance, litecoin, stellar, selected ERC-20 tokens including BAT, and ERC-721 collectibles.

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