The DeFi revolution has come to Althash & HTMLCOIN.

Aug 14 · 2 min read
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The DeFi revolution is not just another hype on the crypto scene.

The Decentralized Finance concept is a revolution of financial services with trust and immutability powered by Blockchain technology, it is an organic trend these days and it’s not about to stop either.
The Htmlcoin Foundation has been following trends since its creation in 2014, with the addition of smart contracts in 2017, tokenisation platform in 2018, non fungible tokens in 2020 and now DeFi.

To allow developers tobuild their applications on Althash Blockchain for DeFi dapps with ease, we are preparing lots of dapps, codes, scripts and tutorials showing them how to explore the Defi possibilities using the Althash platforms. One of the first products is a trustless way of scheduling transactions for the future. A TimeNode is an off-chain execution agent that acts as the counterparty to transactions that are scheduled on the Althash Smart Clock. When someone schedules a transaction, it will later be executed by a TimeNode for profit.

In few terms, smart contracts always need to be “called” by someone or something. If you have a DeFi dapp that needs actions to be scheduled in the future, you will need always to run the call from your wallet. But, what if you have a network of users doing these transactions for you and profiting on that? With Althash Smart Clock, you will not only be able to schedule transactions in a timeline, but also process and earn from a list of scheduled actions from other users. It´s a big step for building any DeFi dapp with trust that future required actions will be executed.

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