A True Story of Self-Healing

Healing at The Speed of Thought

Last week, at the doctor’s office, I had to get a blood test.

And I had to go back this week, so they could “explain” the results.

The results show: what my results were and the parameters each result should fall into.

It doesn’t take a medical degree to know if one is below, above or within the parameters.

(Reminded me of the joke: “Doc, it hurts when I do this”. Doc says, Don’t do that.”)

Anyway, I’ve taken many blood tests in my life. I really didn’t need anything explained.

I was in the waiting room about 15 minutes until I was brought to Room 2.

Exam rooms are not big. And there is really nothing to do except wait for the doctor.

After 35 minutes, I took my cell phone and called the front office.

The receptionist picked up the phone and I said that I need to see my doctor.

She asked when I would like to see my doctor.

I told her “Now”.

She said the doctor is busy today.

But if I was close by, maybe the doctor could fit me in.

So I said, “I’ve been in Room 2 for over 35 minutes.

Is that close enough?”

The scurrying around, background noise of chaos, confusion, and laughter, almost made it worth the wait.

So the doctor began looking over the blood results.

Three months before that, my LDL (better known as “bad white blood cells”) (aka Cholesterol) was VERY high.

(it’s been above average for as far back as I can remember. But this came back even higher than before)

She looked up at me when she saw the numbers and asked if I changed my diet.

I really hadn’t. I eat relatively clean. But I have eaten that way for years and still had high LDL.

She smiled and told me how amazed she was at the new, MUCH LOWER numbers.

I was within the parameters.

She actually used the word “AMAZING”.

But I just sat there remembering how I did my own self healing that I developed.

Healing at the Speed of Thought brought down my cholesterol.

It works. I AM my own PROOF.

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