Why you should never stop asking ‘why?’

A short read on its importance on the road to success.

As part of my childhood I’d always be cheeky and ask ‘why?’

A majority of the time in response to being told not to do something, but also sometimes I’d butt into my parents speaking, usually a conversation about my dads business and ask


Sometimes I wasn’t interested and feigned interest to dissipate the telling off I was about to get, sometimes I was really interested.

Either way I learnt a lot from asking a simple question, all of a sudden, you are learning quicker than if you tried looking up the answer for yourself. You also learn the people’s analysis, how they teach you why.

So you can pick flaws or learn new reasons, both lead to branches of which ‘why?’ should come after the information until it’s whittled down to fact, even then is it really a fact?

Applying this to adulthood, and all of a sudden you aren’t cheeky, but you are either a disruptive genius or a fool chasing a dream.


This simple premise opens up entire new business opportunities. Such as:

Why is tax still a static rate set yearly?

We have data coming from lots of sources now, surely as a incentive corporations can be offered a variable tax rate depending on their contributions to the economy.

I.e employed 1000 new people in a deprived area, suddenly there is less unemployment, so less benefits & more income tax.

The company pays less tax, but this can equate to more as it reaches a level they are willing and able to pay. Instead of putting it through another country or using other methods.

So there are multiple incentives at various levels for both companies and the government.(Sweeping statement, but my article isn’t on this use case)

Applying this to real world cases

Before Android and iOS, why did we just put up with dumb phones and bad design?

Why, before Airbnb did we either go through a agent or advertise it ourselves?

Sometimes, ‘why?’ is the right question, but there is always more than one answer.

So if you fail the first time, ask yourself ‘why?’ & try again.

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