3 new ways to be a part of HUBweek 2017

This past Monday marked the 6(?!) month countdown to HUBweek 2017. To celebrate, we opened the second phase of the HUBweek Collaboration Call with even more opportunities to participate in this year’s festival.

P.S. In our first call we asked for your creative panel ideas & speaker nominations, and have been really impressed by the responses. Submissions are still open until this Friday.

This next phase goes beyond ideas and opens up direct participation opportunities for artists and organizations to host, lead, perform and create at HUBweek 2017. So how can you be a part of it? Here’s a rundown of the 3 new opportunities that just opened this week. Submissions are due May 5, so get those wheels turning!

  1. Host a “behind-the-scenes” experience through a Spoke Event

While everything comes together in the second half of HUBweek at The HUB, the festival kicks off with events taking place all over the city. We call these experiences Spoke Events (get it? HUB-Spoke?). Spoke Events are designed to bring the HUBweek audience inside Boston’s most inventive laboratories, hospitals, organizations and creative spaces.

These events will take place October 10th-11th and will serve as a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-changing work happening here in Boston, in the spaces where it is actually happening. Spoke events will be as diverse as the organizations who host them — from roundtables and intimate discussions to lab tours and performances. Our ask? To share beyond your website – how is your organization is building or thinking about the future?

We’ve been fortunate to have partnered with some pretty amazing organizations to put on similar events in the past. We ventured into Roxbury alongside the Roxbury Innovation Center, The Tech Connection, The Timothy Smith Network, Epicenter Community and others to showcase the innovative work happening in the neighborhood. With SoSoLimited, attendees went on an artist tour in Kendall Square. We even participated in some interactive music and tech demos at Workbar Cambridge. Want to join forces for 2017? Let us your event idea know here.

2. Lead a workshop, hackathon or special program within The HUB

The HUB, sitting on City Hall Plaza, will serve as HUBweek’s centralized festival site for the second half of the week. We will be transforming this space with CBT Architects, studioMLA Architects, Sasaki Associates, Autodesk and more using geodesic domes, 60+ shipping containers, and an array of site-specific installations. The space (which we cannot wait for you to see) will be jam packed with programming, including talks, workshops, hackathons, hands-on demonstrations, competitions and awards ceremonies and immersive experiences, day and night.

For those of you looking to tackle important issues, share your expertise, or showcase innovative leaders, ideas and work from your organization, leading a program at The HUB may be the right opportunity for you. We are seeking any and all inclusive and forward-thinking ideas focused on education, technology, healthcare, science and/or art. You can submit your idea here.

3. Contribute programming to Immersion

This year, our curatorial team is bringing to life the first-ever experiential live arts exhibition: Immersion. This 4-day/3-night program is where artists will blur the boundaries between art, science and technology. Our aim is to awaken creativity and showcase innovation work and techniques. For Immersion, we’re seeking 5 types of ideas:

  1. Live performances: Interactive, collaborative, surprising, roving “events” that will surprise our audience– examples include dance, theater, music, spoken word and performing arts.
  2. Art and technology: Projects that combine art and tech in innovative ways, including but not limited to: multimedia installations, immersive environments, animations, VJ, etc.
  3. Participatory projects: Projects that invite participants to engage with each other, the project, or the site in an active way.
  4. Film/video: Displayed in various ways on screens or projected/displayed throughout the site.
  5. New and experimental ideas beyond the above!

Projects should be forward-thinking, innovative, original, experimental, and provocative experiences. Show us what you’ve got here.

Want to share your ideas with us beyond the opportunities we have open now? You can always reach out to us or let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Let the countdown begin!