4 Days until HUBweek, 4 Days with WBUR

Join your favorite WBUR hosts at HUBweek 2016.

HUBweek is only four days away. Looking for more ways to get involved at this year’s festival for the future? Join some of your favorite personalities, turned HUBweek Moderators, from our exclusive radio partner WBUR.

Moderators will include Carey Goldberg, Meghna Chakrabarti, Rachel Zimmerman, Jessica Alpert, John Perotti, Amory Siverston, Robin Young, and Tom Ashbrook, who will lead unique and engaging events and programming across four days during HUBweek 2016. Check out where to find them below, and discover over 100 other events and experiences still open for registration atHUBweek.org

Monday, September 26

The Art of Talking Science , 3–5PM

Moderated By: Carey Goldberg, host of CommonHealth

No one communicates complex science better than Carl Zimmer, award-winning science writer for The New York Times, National Geographic, STAT and a frequent contributor to NPR’s This American Life and RadioLab. Join Carl Zimmer for “The Art of Talking Science,” an interactive challenge hosted by the Mass General Hospital Research Institute that will offer up to eight Boston biomedical researchers a chance to present their work in front of a live audience and receive feedback from a panel of expert communicators. Hear first hand about some of the latest cutting-edge science and learn from the best at this lively and supportive competition.

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital.

HUB Presents: Faneuil Forum with Michael Sandel, 6–8PM

Moderated by: Robin Young, co-host of Here&Now

Is it just to tax the rich to help the poor? Should rich countries have the right to restrict immigration? As we enter the final stages of the most contentious presidential election in our recent history and on the night of the first general election debate, join us for a truly civic dialogue at Faneuil Forum in which Harvard Professor Michael Sandel will engage the audience in discussing some of today’s most pressing ethical issues.

Hosted by HUBweek and Harvard University.

Tuesday, September 27

What Works: Designing Inclusive Organizations , 5:30–7PM

Moderated By: Meghna Chakrabarti, host of Radio Boston

Harvard Professor Iris Bohnet will discuss what organizations can do to create more inclusive environments, level the playing field, and help diverse teams succeed at this engaging event. Join the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) during HUBweek for a conversation with Iris Bohnet, Professor of Public Policy, author of What Works: Gender Equality by Design, and Director of the Women and Public Policy Program.

Hosted by Harvard University.

Wednesday, September 28

Synaptic Gap: 21st Century Brain Science Meets Mental Health Policy, 7:30–4:30PM

Moderated By: Carey Goldberg, host of CommonHealth

Join clinicians, researchers, policy makers, advocates, business leaders and elected officials as we work together to translate advances in brain science to individual patient care and treatment policy, find new ways to meet demand through non-traditional approaches to care in an environment of cost accountability, take a critical look at the economics of mental health, and promote resilience and hope at this this day of interactive summits and panel discussions.

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital.

Storytelling And The Future Of Medicine, 6–7:30PM

Moderated By: Rachel Zimmerman, reporter, CommonHealth

As medicine becomes increasingly dependent on technology, patients have fewer opportunities to tell their stories and similarly, clinicians are less likely to hear their stories. How can narrative medicine restore the story-telling connection to the practice of health care, and what can be done to promote better communication between patients and their clinicians? Join us as we discuss these issues at a program featuring Annie Brewster, MD, founder of Health Story Collaborative and Mass General Hospital internist, Suzanne Koven, MD, writer-in-residence for the Division of General Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Jonathan Adler, PhD, narrative psychologist at Olin College.

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School Arts and Humanities Initiative.

WBUR’s Best of Podcasting, 5:30–7PM

Hosted by: Modern Love: The Podcast’s Jessica Alpert, John Perotti and Amory Sivertson

Join the talented team behind WBUR podcasts, Dear Sugar, Kind World, and Modern Love. Learn what goes into making a great podcast (discovering the idea, building out the concept, creating the content, finding the right voice, figuring out the rhythm, implementing sound and music, editing to the right length, and more) and listen while the team plays a few of their favorites.

Hosted by WBUR.

Thursday, September 29

Hub Presents: The Hype And Promise Of Blockchain , 2–6PM

Moderated By: Tom Ashbrook, host of On Point

Blockchain technology is arguably the most promising, and most hyped, emerging technology. It has the potential to fundamentally disrupt a significant number of industries and change the way that society works — from the way we vote and pay for services to how music and other goods are distributed.

Should you believe all the hype? What effects might blockchain have on you and your neighbors? This event will feature demos, discussions, and a roundtable seeking to demystify a seemingly esoteric, complex concept and make it real and tangible. In addition, technical deep-dive sessions will be offered as part of the programming for interested attendees.

Hosted by HUBweek in partnership with Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Sponsored by IBM.

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