8 Boston hackathons for both the technical and “non-technical”

You may have heard, but hackathons aren’t just for coders. They are an incredible opportunity to get smart, curious, passionate groups of people together to solve issues, improve the world that we live in, and sometimes–just create something a little fun.

The goal behind almost every hackathon out there is to bring together diverse minds with different perspectives to tackle a problem. That means that whether or not you’ve got a technical background, chances are you’ve got something you can contribute.

We’ve compiled a handful of hackathons coming up in the next month here in Boston (in chronological order) to invite you to be a part of it. If you check any of them out, let us know how they go!

  1. International Development Hackathon 2017 is a 24 hour event hosted by IDHack at Tuffs Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex. On April 7th, participants will work to solve international development sector issues that organizations and initiatives are facing in the real world. Registration is now closed on this event.
  2. Urban Tensions Hackathon has the goal of solving Boston’s urban tensions “from gentrification and increased evictions to trucks in the bike lane.” The event will take place on April 8th at Northeastern University and bonus: has annual Hubway bike-sharing memberships for prizes. The event is open to both students and professionals from any field.
  3. PULSE@MassChallenge in collaboration with MIT Hacking Medicine is hosting a discussion on How Hackathons Create Companies on April 19th. The discussion will focus on how hacking has forced healthcare innovation and will include an opportunity for the audience to hack PULSECHECK, with a grand prize going to the winning hacker.
  4. From April 21st to the 23rd, VR EcoHack is hosting a regional hackathon to create climate change content in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video. Teams of students and adults will compete for cash and equipment prizes. They’re even offering a *free* weeklong pre-bootcamp for anyone to come and learn new skills in 3D object creation, 360 video, Unity, VR illustration tools, Simmetri, and more prior to the hack.
  5. The We the People/Hack for Democracy event is bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills April 21st through 22nd to solve political barriers facing organizations like the ACLU and Let America Vote. The only requirement is a willingness to “promote fairness, openness, and equality.”
  6. Hackathon: Tech for Inclusive Health is seeking to advance mental health, self-care, and emotional resilience through mobile applications. This daylong event will take place April 29th, and the winning team will go home with $5,000.
  7. NASA International Space Apps Challenge: The largest hackathon in the world will take place across 48 cities this spring. Commissioned by NASA to get citizens to collaborate on space exploration, the hack will take place from April 29th-30th in Boston, in collaboration with teams from Japan. They’re looking for diverse participants with both technical and professional backgrounds and will be holding an info session this week at Brooklyn Boulders on April 8th.
  8. Structured to brainstorm and build innovative solutions, the MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack invites engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people to come together to create disruptive solutions for healthcare. The hack is going down May 12th–14th at the MIT Media Lab.

Did we miss any? Let us know by tweeting at @HUBweek.

And while we’re on the topic of hackathons and impactful solutions, HUBweek 2017 is seeking programming starting April 10th. Want to be one of the first to know? Let us know your email here.

Happy Hacking!