HUBweek Artist of the Day: Clint Baclawski

The HUBweek Artist of the Day Series features artists who are doing inspiring work at the intersections of art, science, and technology. These artists will be showcased during HUBweek 2017 as part of Immersion, a nighttime arts exhibition and at The HUB, presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, HUBweek’s centralized festival site on City Hall Plaza.

Clint Baclawski is a Boston-based artist who explores photography with a scientific curiosity. He works with light, imagery, and installation, pushing the boundaries of the traditional photographic frame. We found his merging of technology and photography both exciting and mesmerizing. Baclawski received his MFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2008. Most recently he had a solo exhibition at Adelson Galleries Boston.

On the intersection of art, science, and technology:

For me, the common theme with all three field is this notion of “discovery”. Discovery of self. Discovery of methods. Discovery of new information. Discovery of what could be possible. My current works speaks to all three fields as well. I’ve taken the science and art of photography and blended it with new technology, and I’m always looking to push the realm of these areas.


On the importance of art:

Art is certainly a connector but also serves as a great disrupter. I’ve always appreciated art that has served to make me think deeper, more uncomfortable, or leaves me with further questions. I also love {art}work that is unexpected. Art can also be a lifeline for people. As someone who’s engaging in an active artistic practice and works at an art school, I have come to see how art can transform young people and better define a authentic direction for their lives.

HUBweek is excited to be presenting Baclawski’s container installation “Zephyr as part of Immersion. To see his work, register for The Hub for free.

Check out more of Baclawski’s work here.

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