HUBweek Artist of the Day: Helen Popinchalk

The HUBweek Artist of the Day Series features artists who are doing inspiring work at the intersections of art, science, and technology. These artists will be showcased during HUBweek 2017 as part of Immersion, a nighttime arts exhibition and at The HUB, presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, HUBweek’s centralized festival site on City Hall Plaza.

Pictured (from left): Morgan Grenier, Trifecta Editions, Helen Popinchalk, Trifecta Editions and Jay LaCouture, AntiDesigns

Helen Popinchalk is a full-time artist and adjunct professor of screen printing and printmaking at Simmons College in Boston and Lesley University in Cambridge. She earned her B.A. in Studio Art and Arts Administration from Simmons College and her M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Her work has been widely exhibited in Boston and beyond. She is a founding member of Trifecta Editions, a print collective that produces affordable, innovative, limited edition screen prints and art objects.

On the importance of art, Popinchalk says “Art serves so many functions — from spurring social change and reflecting our circumstances to creating beauty and transporting a viewer to an entirely new place. Art is subjective: I like it best when it’s challenging and weird!”

On HUBweek, she says, “Boston has so much to offer in terms of art, technology, science and innovation but we rarely see meaningful collaborations and gatherings of people working in such diverse fields. HUBweek is exciting because it creates a crucible where these conversations and introductions can happen — not only between the HUBweek exhibitors but also between attendees.”

Go to the Light black light mural by Cyrille Conan & Jack Byers, Blanc Gallery, Boston, MA

For HUBweek 2017, Trifecta Editions and AntiDesigns presents “Go to the Light: Neon Dream,” a unique, immersive black light experience! You can see their work at this year’s festival by registering free here.

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