HUBweek Artist of the Day: Jason Hoelscher

The HUBweek Artist of the Day Series features artists who are doing inspiring work at the intersections of art, science, and technology. These artists will be showcased during HUBweek 2017 as part of Immersion, a nighttime arts exhibition and at The HUB, presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, HUBweek’s centralized festival site on City Hall Plaza.

Jason Hoelscher is Gallery Director and Assistant Professor in the interdisciplinary art department at Georgia Southern University. Also a practicing artist, Hoelscher has exhibited his work in galleries in New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, Stockholm, Miami and elsewhere. A contributing editor for ArtPulse Magazine, Hoelscher has written for ARTnews Magazine, ArtCore Journal, Evental Aesthetics and elsewhere, and has presented papers at venues such as CAA, SLSA, Harvard University, and Aarhus University in Denmark. A PhD candidate at IDSVA, Jason is writing a dissertation titled Differential Phenomenology: Generative Information and Complex Adaptive Systems Aesthetics, under the supervision of dissertation director Brian Massumi.

What do you find most exciting about HUBweek?

HUBweek is exciting to me not only due to the overlap of art, science and technology, but also due to the overlap of things to look at, think about, and do. Screen-based (and canvas-based) culture can sometimes privilege the eye over all the other senses, so I think HUBweek’s focus on bringing together multiple disciplines and multiple modes of experience — from the optic to the cognitive to the hands-on — is truly exciting.

What is important to you about art?

I think art’s importance in our era resides in the fuzziness of its edges, in the complex and indeterminate ways it engages people and ideas. As most aspects of our culture become increasingly high-res, quantifiable and lossless, it’s important that a clearing be kept open for surprise and ambiguity, where a lack of precise definability and a lack of explicit purposiveness are systemic features, not bugs.

For HUBweek 2017, Hoelschler is a part of Umwelt Operations which is presenting POLLINATE in collaboration with Widowmaker Collective and PlantBot Genetics.

To see POLLINATE, register for The Hub for free.

Check out some of Jason’s work here.

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