Introducing HUB Presents: Data Science, Journalism, and the Future of Justice

HUBweek partners with InkHouse, Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, College of Computer and Information Science, and Boston Area Research Initiative at first annual hackathon

For decades, Boston has been a hub for excellence in journalism, which is why we’re thrilled to be hosting HUBweek’s first-ever journalism hackathon on Sept. 28th, Data Science, Journalism, and the Future of Justice.” In partnership with InkHouse and Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, College of Computer and Information Science, and Boston Area Research Initiative, the hackathon will convene an interdisciplinary group of scholars, technologists, and media members who will leverage administrative data, both historical and current, to explore pressing, emerging trends and deeper issues around fairness, community, safety, and privacy.

The hackathon hosts will be Todd Wallack, an award-winning data journalist with the Boston Globe; Prof. Dan O’Brien, an urban data scientist at Northeastern and research director of the Boston Area Research Initiative; Prof. Michelle Borkin, a computer scientist and data visualization expert at Northeastern’s College of Computer and Information Science; and Prof. John Wihbey of Northeastern’s School of Journalism.

During the evening the hosts will lead an exciting exploration of several large datasets that relate to criminal justice issues in particular, to draw out larger trends and tactics for leveraging data in journalism. Groups will be convened by the organizers — with the idea that participation in groups will be possible at all levels of technical knowledge, from expert to beginner. The overarching goal of the hack is to foster creative collaboration, sparking possibilities for further collaboration beyond the event around areas of shared interest. This is a truly rare event where data scientists and mass media will be brought together to work on shared concerns and to discuss relevant issues. Organizers will be available for consultations about data-related issues and questions during the event.

At the conclusion of the event, prizes will be given out for winning ideas. Interested in attending? Register today and discover 120+ other events currently open for registration at

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