Meet the 24 Startups Pitching at HUBweek’s 2018 Demo Day Semi-Finals

Join us on September 11 to see these companies in action

HUBweek’s Demo Day Semi-Final Pitch Competition is less than two weeks away! Join us at District Hall on Tuesday, September 11 to hear pitches from 24 of Massachusetts’ most impactful rising startups, six of which will move on to the Demo Day Finale during HUBweek 2018 on Saturday, October 13.

These 24 companies represent 12 different industries, from AI and robotics to social impact and clean energy, as well as 10 cities and towns across the state.

Without further ado, say hello to the 24 startups pitching at the 2018 Demo Day Semi-Finals!

Aisling Organic Cosmetics is a revolutionary line of high-performance and organic makeup. Their goal is to help people easily switch to organics for a future of better health — and what could make it easier than an organic line that outperforms conventional alternatives?

Aclarity is a startup started at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst that designs, tests, and develops innovative water purification devices for various applications.

Analytical Space is developing a network of nano-satellites that will provide a communication backbone for remote sensing satellites and remote industrial IoT applications, enabling planet-level analytics and the global industrial internet. Their first satellite launched in May 2018 from the International Space Station.

Coding it Forward is a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering computer science, data science, and design students to create social good by breaking down the barriers to entry in social impact spaces.

Eden GeoPower is a clean technology geothermal company that derives waste heat from non-producing oil wells and turns it into electricity, leading to reduced energy costs and carbon footprint.

Food For All makes quality food accessible to all, by stopping perfectly good food from being wasted. Via an app, users can buy unsold food from restaurants for at least 50% off. Pickup time is within the restaurant’s working hours (usually 1 hr before they close). It’s an easy (and fun!) way for users and restaurants to save money, save food & save the environment!

GoPeer is an online platform that connects K-12 students with nearby college undergraduates for in-­person tutoring lessons.

Loro is a smart, personalized companion for wheelchair users, helping clients become safer and more independent, reducing the constant need for a caregiver, and assisting with treatment and other medical needs.

Lumme Inc. is developing a cutting-edge addiction treatment platform by combining wearable technology, machine learning, and behavioral psychology.

Magnomer uses magnetizable markers as means of redesigning plastic packaging for zero waste environments.

Medical Surface is a leading provider of high quality, long-lasting surface coating technologies for medical devices and biosensors that come into contact with human tissue, making these devices safer and more effective, improving their biocompatibility, reducing inflammation, and minimizing infection risk.

Nextiles is developing wearable technologies by engineering new textile materials that have electrical properties to create next-generation fabric-based sensors.

NovoMoto is a for-profit social enterprise that provides clean electricity for off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ompractice delivers live, interactive online yoga classes to bring the health and wellness benefits of yoga and related mindfulness practices to millions of people around the world.

Perch uses camera vision and machine learning to effortlessly quantify athlete power, velocity, bar path, and more for strength trainers.

Pilleve is an integrated pill bottle that helps care providers and loved ones identify high risk patients and intervene before the onset of an addiction.

Puffin Innovations is focused on making human-to-computer interfaces that allow anyone without use of their hands to easily interact with technologies.

Rendever’s virtual reality platform gives residents of assisted living and senior care communities the ability to enjoy life again.

Smoothie Pro allows businesses to serve the same freshly-blended smoothies as a traditional smoothie bar at 1/16 of the cost. The system takes up only 8 square feet of space and 4 hours of installation time, and reduces employee training by 75%.

Soliyarn’s electronic textiles can be used as health and fitness monitors and report patient data back to physicians remotely, benefiting people living in remote areas, and cutting down on crowding in healthcare facilities.

Sophia supports people in their time of need, matching them with a mental health therapist who is well-suited to their situation.

Southie Autonomy is a MassRobotics startup changing the way people interact with collaborative robots by developing intelligent robotics software to enable high-mix automation by lowering setup time and cost.

Tank Utility is a propane gas tank monitor device and system with smartphone app.

Waku is a delicious and nutritious wellness tea that uses 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. All ingredients are ethically sourced from independent farmers in the southern part of ecuador and is a way for us to share our cultural heritage and provide better opportunities to low income communities.

Meet these startups and network with fellow attendees at the Demo Day Semi-Final Pitch Competition at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, September 11 at District Hall, and don’t forget to join us for Demo Day during HUBweek on Saturday, October 13!

HUBweek is a festival for the future that explores innovation at the intersections of art, science and technology. Founded by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and MIT, HUBweek is a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration that brings together the most creative and inventive minds in making an impact in Boston and around the world.