‘Charging Bull’ artist asks that ‘Fearless Girl’ be removed
Jessica Goldstein

HOW did you get your job?? The cluelessness you exhibit in your criticism of the “Fearless Girl” statue shows you know little about public perception or culture. YOU see it as flawed corporate advertising but how many who just see a photo of or take a photo of the statue know or care about its corporate connections? Do you think that if it somehow met your indecipherable definition of “art” it would be a better argument for feminism? I’ll bet 90% of those who view it do see it as a statement for women — in line with “she perservered”. And I’ll bet that your dismissal of it as “cutesy” doesn’t diminish it’s impact. And I doubt you could specify an inanimate artistic creation that makes a clearer argument for the feminist criticisms of society that you list (and with which I have no problem). Your insular criticisms denigrate a piece of art — yes, art — that has garnered significant attention for females.

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