Its been a long time since I posted a blog, but I feel like now I have to defend myself.

The Real Housewives of YouTube S5 reunion, was really hard for me. I had knives thrown at me, left right and centre. Comments were made that are totally untrue, since the reunion will be airing. I decided to do the right thing, and file a lawsuit against a certain cast member. This person has hurt me, my family and my fiancée. Enough is enough. I decided to come back for Season 6, because this season I feel that I got an unfair edit.

The show is filmed for 3–4 months. So of course you’re only going to see the crazy stuff, however I vow to stay sober throughout the next season. And really show more of my family life, my business and my true self. It would just be nice to have a season that isn’t dark. I think it’s very possible now, due to certain individuals being fired. But you’ll have to wait and see who got the chop, unless of course they say they quit. Any guesses there? *winks*

Although, nobody really had my back when it was three against one. Which made me question if I have any true friends on the show.

I am truly looking forward to my next chapter, I am so happy. And I’m looking forward to sharing my new endeavours with the viewers.

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