The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Jason, your apology will be accepted if and only when you prove you have truly learned what you say you did by how you write the rest of your show. You will be judged until the series ends because what you have done is so incredibly offensive and no one can trust you to not commit the same lies and mistakes until after everything has ended.

If you want to save your show and keep your viewers, save Clarke. Do not use her to commit the second biggest TV trope against LGBTQ fans, which is to have a bisexual woman have a relationship with a woman to show she is bisexual, but ultimately she ends up with a man. Everyone knows you are going to do this with Clarke and Bellamy. We are all giving you a fair warning now that if you do pursue this relationship, you will be dragged to hell and face even stronger consequences than you are now because not only did you kill the lesbian, but you will make the bisexual woman end up with a man. You will make yourself an even bigger liar because by now you must be aware of this TV trope against bisexual women.

To save your show and keep your viewers, not only save Clarke but utilize the women on your show better than you are now. Stop putting them in the background while we are forced to accept Bellamy as some hero. Stop using the female characters to prop up the male characters. You boasted so much about being a groundbreaking show with strong, powerful women. Season 3 has undone all of that. You have no proof to make that claim anymore. You are using Clarke to prop up Bellamy. She should not be used over and over again to make Bellamy a better man. That is not how you write strong female characters. You say you are groundbreaking and yet you let your male lead character get away with genocide and quickly bounce back as the hero. You can only earn that groundbreaking title by doing what should be done, which is to make Bellamy pay for his crimes as Finn has done.

All the accolades and viewers you have gained in the first two seasons have disappeared with the direction you went with season 3. You barely have any chance at gaining back half of what you lost. Think carefully on what direction you will take for season 4 because right now the only direction you are going is down.

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