The current situation that the publishing industry faces, with the uptake in ad blocking software and the threat of having to shut down the lights because of less than stellar revenue is one of their own making. …

Probably an old-fashioned out of Vogue document, that may be of real use for your company.

I was doing the rounds on the Stack overflow network of sites, when a question caught my attention. It will probably get deleted, as it may be a duplicate but I spent a bit of time penning the answer that I believe may be of use to someone.

It really…

Beham, (Hans) Sebald (1500–1550): Pacientia — Die Geduld (Patience) Image is Public Domain

If you are to seriously undertake the ways of the Lord,
prepare yourself for the tests to come;
sit patiently at the threshold of his door
peacefully accepting the silences,
absences and tardiness He may submit you to.

for it is in the crucible of fire where
gold is made pure…

Héctor Lecuanda

The paradox of solitude whilst living in the company of an anonymous crowd. / La paradoja de la soledad mientras vivimos en compañía de una multitud anónima.

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