Three fundamental principles of Investx’s ethical ICO that Holo pioneered

Holo Director, David Atkinson, joins Investx as an advisor to develop the ethical ICO principles

Investx today announced that its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) follows the ethical ICO model, a set of principles that both reduce the risk for potential investors and maximizes long-term token value.

The ethical ICO model was conceived by Holo, which completed the first successful ethical ICO in April 2018, and raised $20 million to fund its distributed computing platform. Holo Director, David Atkinson, has joined Investx as an advisor, and part of his role has been to assist the development of the ethical ICO model for Investx.

There are three fundamental principles of Investx’s ethical ICO:
Tokens are backed by reserves — Investx will hold a fiat reserve account which it is the initial purchasing power of token holders. The reserve reduces volatility and acts as a value floor without a value ceiling
Sustainable token supply — the number of tokens grow with the business, aligning demand with supply and increasing the purchasing power of the token
The community shares in the company success — Company shares in Investx are set aside for the investment community, allowing token holders to share in its success. Investx Ltd is a successful company with high caliber employees, stable assets and a growing global reputation

Peter Edgar, CEO of Investx said: “Investx is an established business of many years, we wanted to differentiate our ICO by openly committing to ethical ICO principles. These are steps we’ve taken to stabilize the token, lay foundations for future growth, and commit to transparency that holds us accountable to token holders.

“With David Atkinson’s experience as one of Holo’s architects, we’ve been able to transfer the hugely successful and well regarded Holo ethical ICO model to our own token sale. Together, we’ve created a blueprint for future ICOs that wish to be held to similar standards.”

David Atkinson, a Director of Holo and advisor to Investx said: “ICO investors are looking for something extra these days — honesty, openness, accountability, and moderation. When we conceived the ethical ICO model for Holo, it was about giving investors assurances that we would keep to these principles. As a result, we have built a strong community which has backed Holo and Holochain for long-term success.

“With Investx, we have evolved these ethical principles, and the tokenomics design is cutting-edge. It’s a fantastic project which will open up a new class of asset-backed crowdfunding. Investors can rest assured that with the ethical ICO model, Investx is going to build a strong community for long-term success just like Holo.”

Investx will be holding an initial coin offering in Q4 2018 and is currently seeking investors for its private sale.

About Investx

Investx — SME Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Investx is a UK-registered company, incorporated in 2010. Its diverse team of finance, technology, cryptocurrency and business development specialists are passionate about building a new way to invest and encourage business growth.

The Investx crowdfunding platform will allow global retail, accredited and institutional investors to invest in established British small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a cost-efficient, transparent way. It will use tokenized blockchain technology to create liquidity in an illiquid asset class and bring together the worlds of traditional investment and cryptocurrency.

Investx is championing an ethical ICO model where Investx tokens will be reserve backed, with fiat currency held in a ring-fenced reserve to maintain liquidity. Supporting Investx is the award-winning software consultancy, Equal Experts, as well as top-10 law firm, CMS.

About Holo and Holochain

Holo — Powered by Holochain

Holo is a company committed to growing a truly peer-to-peer Internet. Holo is releasing Holochain, an open source, “beyond blockchain” framework for distributed applications that overcome the scale, storage, and performance challenges that plague current blockchain efforts.

Holochain applications (hApps) are hosted entirely by people running the holochain software on their computer or on Holo’s dedicated hosting device, the Holoport. No trusted third parties are required. This means no central points of failure. The result is lightweight, secure decentralized computing possible even on mobile devices.