In November of 2012 four women directly sued the United States government for destroying criminal…
Savanah Gray

He wasn’t claiming you were lying. It is not improbable to ask for clarification from a stranger on the internet who is telling a story. What he also said was important: Courtney Love did the right thing and openly spoke out against assault. Paltrow sucked it up and got famous. Everyone has a price. Obviously girl power meant shit to Paltrow because she got paid and Weinstein got laid.

I think the only way to stop people from committing violent crime is to be allowed to be violent with violent criminals. I would love to see a rapist burned to death publicly. Ripped apart, sawed into pieces, beaten to death, whatever terrible shit you could possibly think of so that the next person that sees that thinks twice. You are right, there is no serious consequence for someone who rapes. If they are powerful, they will get away with it. So we need a one-size-fits-all approach to rape and murder.

I don’t understand what you mean when you say men aren’t doing anything. There are male cops, security guards, etc. They are doing their part. An overwhelming majority of men already know that rape is a crime and you don’t have to tell them more than once not to do it, it’s a given. Then there are those people that are just born broken.

Now, as a man. I sympathize, but I won’t allow you, or anyone else subjugate me or my sons for the sins of others. You and I will fight if it came to that, and I would hate to fight a fellow veteran. You are asking for a basic morality which has slowly eroded over time. Your morality should be universal, but sadly it isn’t and can change at the drop of a hat. Power will always control the world. You need to have power. You aren’t going to get it if you expect men to just give up all the institutions that they have built and maintained over centuries. Not without a fight. Women in America have been slowly castrating men by taking control of the institutions that influence them in their youth. The public school system turns them into pussies by controlling the male reaction and ending competition. Females largely control the education system and men that want to have that power have to act like women, such as these nutless professors in college who wear pink and decry the patriarchy, all while using it as a ruse to nail pretty, young co-eds. They have tried to change the military, with the fucking sensitivity classes, ending hazing and the brutality that the military is know for. I was Infantry for over 9 years. What I saw in the last few years made me so sad, that these men coming up into the ranks were extremely ill-equipped for the rigors of combat if they couldn’t even handle harsh words.

The world is crumbling all around us, because women are influencing everything. You don’t seem to understand that risk aversion is a female trait, men react with violence of action. There is no possible way that a female controlled society would even survive. Not unless we go back to a primitive time and women become extremely violent. Women are too emotional. Their feelings guide them. Women make decisions based on how others view them and they want to be liked. Men want to be respected. Men don’t give a shit about your fucking feelings. We are going to nose-dive the plane and pull up at the last second because we like to hear the screams. You want control, you’re gonna need to get on our level. Until then, try to shoot for mutual respect.

There will never ever ever ever ever be equality. It is impossible. This shouldn’t even be on the table. What we need to strive for is mutual respect. Committing any crime is terrible. Sexual assault, rape, murder, robbery. Any crime that has a victim needs to have justice. I believe that the consequence should already be out there and no matter who you are, what your race, gender, creed, or however rich or poor you are, you get the same treatment.

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