There is perhaps a concept to be experimented with where a news publisher builds a news literacy project containing explainers of how some of its best reporting was done — how was the information collected, verified, and presented; who did it; and just how meticulous was their process? Perhaps bringing transparency to the process of journalism would show a publishing institution as a group of trustworthy individuals.
Why Fake News Is So Darn Shareable and Facts Are So Hard to Believe
Ipsita Agarwal

Yes, I strongly believe so. Transparency and clarity is always something to strive for. If we demand transparency from the sectors we’re covering and the people we’re interviewing, we should at the very least provide the same sort of transparency to our readers.

However, the lack of transparency is not the result of ignorance. I think it’s a result of the fact that we underestimate readers’ interest in these particular components. Much like how we often refrain from writing about the news industry itself out of fear of committing institutional navel-gazing.