What is your “superpower”

Ha, what is your superpower?
Yesterday, my friends from New Zealand visited The Triip office, and after hearing about Triip’s journey over the past four years, this is the question I receive. And not once, many times friends and people I have met at the business conference, summit, interviews were asking me this same question, even my children also “ Mommy, what is your superpower ?”
I think I am not an excellent person in any fields, nor am I a real expert to be able to talk in depth on a particular topic, skills are not available, talent either. It was a long time ago since I received this question for the first time, I did not know the answer :) because I realized maybe I know a lot of things, and everything know a little, so it means I do not know anything at all 😁
Gradually, the time has passed away more than 10 years since graduation, get married, give births to my children, start a career and experience many events of life, work, career. I have a chance to meet many different people: inspiring, motivating, negative, positive, good, bad, … that journey seems like the map of the sinusoid with up down down up line, then asking myself what is my “superpower”?

Have a friend said that “ Ha, you look like a warrior- look so fragile that full of fighting power, resilient and never subdued- when I heard this, I considered as a compliment and I am not good enough, need to learn, practice and improve, grow myself every single day. Since I know that what I am experiencing or doing is not anything, i have seen, witnessed, heard, read about people in different ages from different countries and different background with different challenges they have been doing amazing that help the community, human beings and the world, they are doing things that are extremely kind, admirable indeed. 
I have talked and explained a lot, have not answered the question “ what is your “superpower”?”

The Answer is Smile- I am not an excellent expert in any field, and I am still practicing “Living and Working with Kindness” every single day with all my heart soul and mind. And I realize the only thing that I can do very well is Smile- Smile in tough situation to encourage myself to overcome challenges, Smile a lot to my family, to my children so they can see the Joy of Happiness and The Spirit of Optimism, Smile with the team so together we can overcome many challenges. And Together we Smile with Life, with People- Human Being- Sentiments, Nature, Smile with all Difficulties. And I realize the Happiness that we are experiencing with the Sincerely Sincere- can help a lot. Smile to be grateful for all.

And my children said to me “ Mommy, do you know that you are the most beautiful and happy Mother when you Smile? 😊❤️”

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