Agreement ratified in record time raises suspicion.

Negotiators from other countries suspect that the King of Morocco got some kind of magical help

As never before in the history of the adoption of UN agreements, the document produced in Paris last year by countries around the world got the commitment from more than 55 countries responsible for 55% of greenhouse gases and it caused terror in the diplomatic class world.

According to a diplomat that arrived hastily at the airport in Casablanca, Morocco, yesterday, many don’t know what to do. “We are used to these documents take years to be adopted, we were caught by surprise”, said while ran to get another flight.

In an interview with the King of Morocco, Mohamad VI, our team found the truth behind this mysterious miracle. “Everyone gave too much attention for the Paris conference, nobody wanted to come to Morocco. I had to take drastic measures”, confesses the King while reached an object to show us. “I ordered for my peoples to seek this lamp and I made a wish for countries to sign the Paris Agreement. Do you think US and China are involved in this how?”, confesses the monarch.

Now negotiators will have two weeks to reach and understanding and transform what was meant to be a retreat into ways to implement the Paris Agreement.