CVE: Civilian Joint Tasks Force — How It Was Started

members of civilian jtf prefaring to go on a mission

It all started with a necessity. Yes, the need for self defense. The Civilian Joint Tasks Force (CJTF) is group of young Men that was formed in Maiduguri, Nigeria to help oust Boko Haram Islamist fighters from the city. The group possesses basic weapons and has female members too. The vigilante group numbers over 26,000 in Borno State.

When Boko Haram insurgency was at its peak, in the heart of Maiduguri the Borno state capital, the ancient city of Shehu becomes like hell to the citizens. Especially to the the Male Youth. It was a time that the dead was more at peace than the living. I could remember being a young Man Maiduguri on those days, when every day passed was a bonus, every hour passed was a relief and the only thought and anxiety is what's next?

a female civilian jtf

Being an educated or otherwise does not help. To the Barbaric blood suckers the educated young man is as good as a dead body. Why will a western educated young man still stay in existence since they clearly stated that Boko is Haram (Western Education is forbidden) ?. The once prideful educated young man is now the prey for them, and always on the run. One has only two options; either you tear away your hard earned certificates and join the hopeless, barbaric radical group or be killed. The only option is for one to flee the City and go far way from it, or even the Northeast in general.

civilian jtf mebers sensitizing the public

On the other hand, the uneducated was at even greater danger. He was the easiest target from the terrorists, as no hope for the future, no enough capital, no peaceful or harmonious place for him to pursue business or handiwork. To make things worse, the military joint tasks force JTF then, was all out after the young Men in the city. Especially the Illiterates. JTF was then either out of Non professionalism or bad tactics, just cordons a whole area, arrest all the young Men around and lock them up at the Giwa Barracks. Many that were taken there did not return and non or very few were charged to the court. The only option for the young men then was either to flee the city, stay and be arrested ( hundreds of Educated young men have fallen to this sad trap too) as either a Boko Haram Member or their sympathisers, Or to choose the wrong option of joining the terrorists; this I believe helped increased the numbers of the blood suckers.

members of the cjtf waiting to go on a mission

The Military Joint Tasks Force need information to crush the ever growing insurgents then, if you talk you're at risk while the Insurgents fish out, terrorise, kill the informant in some instances even his whole family. Fear and hopelessness was the order of the day.

This was the situation then, every young Man in Maiduguri was caught between the Deep Blue Sea and the Devil. But, necessity they say is the mother of all invention. That was when the civilian JTF came to being. When a young brave Kanuri Boy Ba'a Lawan took the Bull by the Horn. He did not only defied the Boko Boys, but fought and wrestled some of their Hit Men and apprehended him and his riffle.

Ba Lawan — the famouse yong man, founder of the civilian jtf

By the fourth night, what started as a lonely war grows to be a small Army of young Men. Armed with Machetes, Cutlasses, sticks etc. Although many were skeptical towards them, many were afraid that a new group of militia was emerging. But to the glory of all, they're out chasing, apprehending and handing over members of the Boko Haram blood suckers. In a very short time, every part of the city followed suit. That's the end of Boko Haram menace within Maiduguri.

Abba Aji Kalli, a famouse 52 years old civilian jtf , after a succesful operation

The state Government quickly came in to the picture. More than 15,000 were trained and placed on monthly stipend. This helped in bringing high discipline and order in to the newly found system, out of which about 1,800 receive a stipend of 15,000 Naira per month. The CJTF has lost many hundreds of its members in the conflict. Thanks to the training and discipline, they're now fighting the insurgents even in the great Sambisa Forest shoulder to shoulder with the military, and providing security services in the state.

some of the vehicles donated by the Kashim Shettima led administration of Borno statte

Although the CJTF has been accused of abuses, including diverting food destined for starving families and beating men and subjecting women and girls to systematic sexual violence in camps, they are more of Heroes than Foes, they’re able to create a new history and saved many lives from the brutality and dangers of Boko Haram. Now the CJTF represents the gallant youth of Borno, with their zeal and sacrifice towards fighting Violent Extremism and terrorism.

But the Golden question is — How will the CJTF disarm after the Boko Haram insurgency?

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