CVE: The Need For Including Countering Violent Extremism Campaign In Humanitarian Activities

For anyone living in and around the Northeast, particularly states like Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states, that are most hit by the Boko Haram insurgency, will agree with me that the influx of Humanitarian organizations, United Nations, UNICEF NGOs, INGOs etc has surely bring about huge relief to the region and complimented the effort of the government.

In most cases, the Organizations dwell on food relief, Non food items and their likes. Very few of the organizations undertake the process of peace building, rehabilitation and reconciliation as well as promoting gender based violence, tolerance and countering violent extremism campaigns.

I cannot go further without giving kudus to organizations like the Northeast Regional Initiatives NERI, Search For Common Ground SFCG and The Presidential Committee On the Northeast PCNI for embarking on countering violent extremism and resettlement programs.

However, if you sit back and examine, the CVE campaigns in most cases suffers huge setback along the way. This is largely caused by the orientation of the people, who’re already used to Receiving relief items from the NGOs. When ever they see an organization in their community, the only thought that they’ve is Relief Items: Food, Non food items etc. When they discover that you’re there for CVE campaign or its like, you immediately see them loose interest. Because, the campaign only brings talk and talk. No relief items.

Is it their fault? No. One can understand why they’re only interested in the relief items than peace building. Solving the present problem matters most than that of the future. There was an instance when a Man bluntly told me " Look we cannot eat Peace ". Its understandable of course they’d vabt eat peace now, but he seems to forget that its the absence of Peace that makes him look for the relief items. And he cannot continue be fed by the NGOs forever, some other communities may need the relief in the future. If not Man made disaster, there are natural disasters.

In view of this, I believe if the Humanitarian organizations will include campaign on CVE, GBV etc alongside the relief items distribution, people will surely have the time to listen and thus the campaigns will surely be more effectual and successful. Lest our people will continue to ignore the much needed process of rehabilitation after disaster and prevention of Violent Extremism.

Let’s say no to Radicalization and violent extremism #CVE #GBV

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