5 Things You Should Be Doing Now for a Better Day

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer

You and I have more choices in life than we realize. We might not be able to choose everything we experience on a given day — the weather, our job assignments, the disposition of others around us, what takes place in the news — but we do get to choose how we respond to those experiences.

I was taught to be negative when I was growing up. I lived in an abusive atmosphere with negative people, alcoholism, fear, and lots of arguing. As a result, I developed an attitude that went something like this: It’s better to expect nothing good than to expect something good and be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized negativity was a destructive force in my life. Even when something good did happen, I ruined it, wondering how long it would take for something to go wrong. I am so grateful not to be a negative-thinking person any longer, and I feel certain that if I can change, anybody can change!

If you’re looking to replenish your joy and overcome negativity yourself, then here are a few tips from my new book, 20 Ways to Make Everyday Better, for a more fulfilling day.

Identify Your Obstacles: Have you ever doubted that anything good was going to happen to you? Maybe you’ve even said things like, “I never get any good breaks,” or “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

These thoughts are obstacles in your mind, and simply recognizing them will pave the way to your freedom.

We may think, “Well, of course I am negative. Everything in the world is negative! How can I be positive with so much violence, war, crime, and dishonesty all around me?” That is exactly the point! It is all around us, but it doesn’t have to get “in” us unless we allow it to.

Practice Positivity: Once you’ve identified obstacles of negative thinking and negative expectations, the next step is to start practicing being positive in all kinds of situations. Cheer up, have a good attitude, laugh, encourage others, get your hopes up — these are all ways to practice positivity.

Even when you’re going through a difficult time in life, you can have a positive outlook. The most positive people still deal with disappointing situations.

Dream: One of the best things we can do in order to make every day better is to start dreaming again. Take twenty minutes today — no television, no phone, no tablet or computer. Use those minutes to rest, pray, relax, reflect, and dream.

Give Back: When “others” becomes your first thought, joy will be your new reality. This can start as simply as calling someone today that you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them you were thinking about them and how much you appreciate them.

Do Good Work: Look at the tasks before you today. Rather than dreading all the things that might go wrong, why not make a list of all the things you are hoping will go right today. Choose to do those tasks with excellence and . . . go do it!

As you start adding these practices, I also encourage you to start and end your day with thankfulness. You can do this by trying this experiment: For the next week, make the first sentence you utter in the morning and the last sentence you speak at night be a sentence of thankfulness. See how this new attitude of gratitude increases your peace and joy.

You can get more actionable advice in my new book, 20 Ways to Make Everyday Better. There’s also a free “Joyce Meyer Sampler” download available here with other great topics like overcoming stress and living beyond your feelings.