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‘Clap’ it to bring this challenge to Hack Belgium 2020, the world’s first open innovation festival.

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Nov 12 · 4 min read

About the challenge

Europe needs a data ownership model. In China, the government has your data; in America, big corp has your data. We want to give people their data: on pods, in own control, 100% gdpr and once-only compliant, will obliterate the business model of data monopolies.

Challenge submitted by Christophe Cop.

Why this challenge and what for?

Every year, 1000 talented people come together in Brussels for 3 days with one mission: build purpose-driven innovation projects that contribute to the well-being of our planet and our people. It is Hack Belgium, the world’s first open innovation festival.

All projects begin with a challenge. There’s 36 in total! They inspire most of the creative work and they ensure that the work is meaningful and directed at real problems and needs in society. This year, challenges are contributed by citizens and stakeholders in Belgium’s wider innovation ecosystem. However, since the number of challenges is limited, we need to make a selection and that’s where you, dear reader, come into the picture.

How is the challenge selection made?

The challenges that receive the most claps will get selected and the 1000 participants of Hack Belgium will find solutions to solve it. So if you want to see this challenge at Hack Belgium, give it a clap. Share it with your friends and colleagues!

The ‘Control your digital twin’ full submission by Christophe Cop

The Underlying Problem & Root Causes of the Challenge

It’s about data control from a citizen perspective. It’s about data portability, web 3.0, digital footprint, GDPR, digital twin, decentralised web… It has many names, but it basically means: get your own data (mobile, social media, bank, purchase, behavior, genetic, medical, property, CV, …), put it all together, increase user access management (monetize it!), and allow a whole new ecosystem of applications and services to emerge from it. It is, according to TimBL, the way to fix the internet (see his SOLID initiative). And there are so many ways we can make steps towards making it happen.

You can see my talk here.

Privacy, people manipulation, and your data being used and sold without you knowing about it. The root cause is that our data is being gathered and siloed by others. Time to take back control.

Why is this challenge hard to solve?

The regulation is there (GDPR), the technology is there (SOLID and others). It is not hard to solve, the next steps are clear. It’s a bit of work, and making it more user friendly. It is not solved yet, because the solution is still new and needs early adapters and some effort to reach a first critical mass.

What is the scale of the problem?

Europe, but all companies that need to be GDPR compliant as well. According to TimBL, it’s the entire Internet.

Who are the problem ‘owners’? Who is responsible for fixing the problem?

The communities, the governments, and everybody who wants this to happen. Startups and other companies as well. (It’s basically on all levels).

Who else could contribute to fixing the problem? Which audiences should come to Hack Belgium to solve this challenge?

For all of them, there is a way to help, becom e aware and move forward.

What skills sets or expertise is needed to solve this challenge?

Depending on what aspect you want to tackle. sending out D-SAR is: know how to email. Parsing data in rdf is probably quite specific. Thinking out use cases (for companies, apps, …) can be done by any creative. And setting up a solid pod is still a bit hard to do.

When would you consider the challenge ‘solved’? What needs to happen? What criteria need to be met?

When everyone can easily store his online and digitally generated data on personally owned data pods (which may or may not be under 3rd party curation, which would be users choice).

If a promising solution is developed at Hack Belgium 2020, what kind of support could the challenge owner provide to further support the project?

I don’t promise things I’m not sure I can provide. I have a meetup group. And I do have a network… and I will use the results as part of the story.

Want to submit your own challenge?

Submit it here! And remember, if you want to see this challenge at Hack Belgium give it a clap!

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