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Nov 15, 2015 · 2 min read

Starting a blog is always difficult, it’s like stepping out into the great unknown with no idea of what you’ll find. This is the official blog for Hack Cambridge, and although it will be used to explain details and talk about the event, it will also be an avenue for us to spread ideas. We will (hopefully) feature nice articles throughout the year, even in between each annual Hack Cambridge. This post is going to be an introduction to Hack Cambridge, what it is and why we decided to set it up.

Nowadays, almost every single University has a large-scale annual Hackathon that’s open for any student to take part. Hack Cambridge is such a hackathon for students, by students. The seed was initially sown simply by the thought that a lot of students at a University might have: “Huh, it is quite strange that we don’t have a hackathon yet isn’t it?”, before carrying on with their lives and rushing to the next lecture because they missed their alarm, wearing the same shirt as yesterday because they forgot to do the washing because they had spent the entire night watching anime on Netflix. Ok, maybe that last part was a bit too specific.

Anyway, some of us thought about that question a bit more. Why hadn’t a hackathon been started at Cambridge yet? The reason was simple: no one had started one yet. Nathan was the person who took the first action to get one started, using the Computer Faculty mailing list to email all the Computer Science students who were just as interested in creating a (hopefully) awesome hackathon.

Some of us got back to him and thus Hack Cambridge was founded. Although at this point the name ‘Hack Cambridge’ was merely a placeholder, that became the official one when no one could think of anything better.

Every member of the team has learn a lot and the whole process of getting this going has been very fun. The enthusiastic response has been overwhelming and amazing and we want to this event to live up to the expectations that people will have for it.

We will be blogging regularly, as individuals as well as a team to help document the process of getting this going. If you are at a University and you don’t have a hackathon yet, you will find like-minded people who want one so reach out to them and get one going.

We look forward to the first ever open hackathon in Cambridge finally launching on the 30th of January. Applications are open now at !

See you all soon!

The Hack Cambridge Team

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