HackCasts. Past, Present, and Future

HackCasts was started back in the December of 2015 to help people learn how to code websites from a beginners point of view. Since there was only 1 person in the website developing it (me), the website wasn’t much of a great work of art. I’m a 12-year old beginner developer. I got my skills from OneMonth and Code Academy. I know things such as authentication systems with Devise, deploying with Heroku, domain connection with DNSimple, payment processing with Stripe, etc. This website was simply a collection of skills I had learned that was used to help me and other people learn Ruby on Rails.

So why Ruby on Rails? Well, I had other thoughts in mind at first. I wanted to learn something that would give me more output with less input, so that’s 1 point for Ruby on Rails. Something fast? Node.js, check! Something with the most requests per second? PHP! These were my 3 programming languages I was fighting over to create HackCasts. After some time of research, resource, finding, etc, I realized that Ruby on Rails was the best for my needs right now. I started learning Ruby on Rails from OneMonth, which honestly got me started right away. I started building the foundation of my website from the concepts I had learned in OneMonth Rails. I created a simple Rails app, added Devise and Bootstrap, and deployed it to Heroku and DNSimple with ease! Now came the hard part, payments. I started looking at documentation of the Stripe website for payment processing help, and in about 3–4 days, I had a simple Stripe payment accepter on my website. This was the beginning of HackCasts.

About a couple of months after the release of HackCasts in the December of 2015, I got a couple of users and 1 customer. This is basically what I am at now. I created a Twitter account to advertise my website and I currently have 1,600 followers. All the money I currently have from my website goes to this websites hosting, and my learning, which means the customers learning.

So, what are the future plans of HackCasts? Well, we want to have at least 200 customers by the end of 2016. All of this money will go to improving HackCasts and creating a book with the links to the videos and text-tutorials in HackCasts. Even though we only have one customer, we aren’t stopping.

If you want to support us, please go to HackCasts.io and sign up. Purchase the pro plan for a one-time payment of $24.99 and start learning with us!

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