Ruby on Rails Problems (for beginners (me))

  1. ) Convention over… what?
  2. ) What’s Unicorn and Passenger?
  3. ) Crud, what’s CRUD?
  4. ) I’m going to create a controller, then a model, then some views, or maybe a… scaffold?
  5. ) I like OneMonth, I mean Treehouse, I mean Code Academy, I mean CodeSchool?!
  6. ) I like Disqus for making a blog. Why Ruby on Rails?
  7. ) Why is everybody talking about Node?
  8. ) I don’t like the language HTML.ERB. I like HAML.what?
  9. ) Bro, Jack Dorsey, how did you make such an awesome website?
  10. ) I don’t have time to scan through every article and video on Stack Overflow and YouTube.