HackDavis #WinnerSeries

HackDavis is the first major collegiate Hackathon at UC Davis completely run by students. We’re providing a platform to bring together the most talented students in California to address the world’s most pressing social issues.

As the school year starts back up, we get back into the hustle of twenty pound textbooks, neon highlighters and those comfy decked out sweaters. This September also means bringing back collegiate hackathons, including our second annual HackDavis at UC Davis this coming winter. This time, our event will be even bigger and better, and we’re going to #codeforsocialgood.

While our HackDavis team works on the upcoming hackathon, our second team for the #WinnerSeries is a group of five from UC Davis. Group members Selena Tuyen and Valerie Cho introduces us to their project, Lemonade, which won the category Best of Health and Wellness.

“We want to create a hack that tackles stress.” “When did you form the team and think of the idea?” “Last night.” #HumansofHackDavis

What’s your name, and your group/team members name?

Selena: I’m Selena Tuyen, [and our] team members [are] Jesse Chen, Valerie Cho, Brittney Nguy, Jess Nguyen, and Priscilla Yu.

What school are you from? What year and is this your first Hackathon?

Selena: We attend UC Davis. I was a Junior when I participated in HackDavis. It was my first Hackathon.

What was your project? What made you choose your project?

Valerie: Our project was called Lemonade. Our project was an online community forum site for people with mental health disorders to share stories and support each other. We were aiming for the Health & Wellness Category of HackDavis. Mental health disorders are stigmatized in our society and we wanted to provide a safe space for those who are afraid to seek professional help.

Selena: [This] web app promotes community, breaks the stigma, and provides support to those suffering from mental health disorders. We chose this project because millions, including myself, suffer from mental health disorders and we wanted to create a place where people can share their stories and hopefully inspire others in similar positions. The title of the project came from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. There’s a clip in the visual album where Jay Z’s grandmother says “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.” And we thought it was a perfect fit in what we were trying to do; taking the hardships that life gives us and creating something good from it.

What part of the project did you work on?

Selena: I came up with the idea and worked on the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MEAN stack.

Valerie: I also worked on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I used a MEAN stack to build the website, which includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

What was your favorite part of HackDavis?

Valerie: My favorite part of Hack Davis was how it had the theme of social good. It made it easier to choose a project to work on and gave us the chance to create something with the goal of creating a positive impact.

Selena: My favorite part of HackDavis was the demos. It was fun to share what we created and to see what other projects the other participants made.

What was the most challenging part of the Hackathon?

Valerie: We decided to use a web stack that none of us had any experience with to create this project. The most challenging part was learning that stack and how to use each part of it.

Selena: The most challenging part of the Hackathon for our team was working with the backend for the first time and being able to connect it to the front end all while working against the clock.

What was life after winning the Hackathon?

Valerie: Working on our project taught me a lot about full stack development and that knowledge has helped me during my summer internship. Winning the Hackathon was also a very nice addition for my resume.

Advice for Hackathon newcomers?

Valerie: Come up with an idea to work on before the Hackathon starts because time is precious.

Will you come to HackDavis 2017?

Selena: Definitely! I can’t wait!!

Valerie: Yup!

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