Introducing You to Communities!
Jun 19, 2018 · 5 min read

HackPack is more than a site to find jobs, grants and fellowships — it is a COMMUNITY.

We took our first step to grow the community, when we launched our Secret Meet-ups — small journalistic events in interesting locations with experts, so you can improve your career and meet fellow colleagues.

Now we are expanding with Communities to make your world a little bit smaller and help you collaborate with the larger journalism community.

What are Communities?

  • They are online chat groups, similar to Facebook Groups or Slack Channels that allow you to discuss everything from accreditation to drinks on Friday
  • Only HackPack members can see them and their geographically focused
  • Later, you will also be able create your own groups based upon interests, activities, organizations or whatever else you want.
  • Members are only admitted after 3 members or the group admin confirm a new member

How does it work?

  • Select the ‘Community’ that you want to write in.
  • Then write what you want to say and publish it!
  • Only members in your Community will see it, so everything you say stays within the closed group.
  • If you want to see just the posts in a specific Community, then go to the Feed filters and select the desired Community. You’ll see all the posts in the group.

How do you see who else is in your group?

Easy! Just click on the name of your community on top of one of the posts or on top of your feed if there happen to be members to confirm. You’ll then see a full list of members in that Community!

What is this about approving members to my group?

We believe in giving you control over your community. Also, you know far better than our admin team who is a professional in your area. Therefore new members are only admitted to HackPack and that Community when 3 current members approve them. Simply select Approve if you know the individual, Reject if it is a troll, fake account or someone who isn’t who they say they are. If you don’t know, click the X and you’ll skip them to find others!

Are there any community rules of conduct?

We want HackPack to be a positive environment with healthy and constructive collaboration. It is designed to keep out trolls and unprofessionalism. Here are some basic rules to help us keep it that way:

Code of Conduct

  1. HackPack is about journalists first and foremost
  • If users who are not media professionals gain access or misconstrue their role, then they will be removed
  • This is for safety, to increase efficiency and ensure that you can share and work without interference

2. HackPack is about efficiency

  • You are all too busy, so we created the feed to streamline requests & promotion. If users spam with indiscreet corporate promotion that has no real benefit for the community, then they can be put on warning and eventually removed

3. HackPack is about respect and accountability

  • Respect means that you listen to contrasting points of views, engage to understand each other without shutting someone down. It also means that you try to think of what would be offensive to others before saying it.
  • We can’t follow everything, so it is up to you to hold each other accountable. Inform the admins if you believe we need to step in
  • If someone is intentionally disrespecting other members or they are misrepresenting their role in the media industry, then it is up to you to flag them. We’ll give them a warning and remove them upon a third warning or earlier depending on the flagrancy of the act
  • If you intentionally confirm members who are misrepresenting their role and are not members of the media industry, then your account can also be limited or removed based upon the extent of incorrect members you accept into the community

4. HackPack is about improvement

  • We want you to grow professionally and socially. Both are often intertwined and will then lead to a stronger media industry
  • If members act to hinder the improvement and betterment of the media industry, then they can be flagged, warned and removed upon a third warning or earlier depending on the flagrancy of the act
  • This specifically concerns members who act unprofessionally by putting other members in harm’s way, failing to pay a member, stealing another’s work and claiming it as their own, or intentionally misconstruing information and stories
  • Do not repost any information from someone else’s posts into public forums without their permission. Especially if they include personal information of the user.
  • It is fine to repost titles with direct links to the post

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