Speeding Up Your Connections

Breaking news doesn’t wait for you to check your email. So we’ve added an SMS Alert feature to diminish the stress producers and editors suffer when trying to find professionals on location.

What to do:

  1. Create an assignment, indicating languages, location and skills that you need. Here’s a demo to show you how to create an assignment.
  2. As soon as you publish an assignment, you are offered the ability to send an SMS Alert to members who fit the specific requirements of your assignment. 
    This option is free for subscribed users and $10 for all other members.

3. This assignment will then be immediately sent to members’ phones and emails, so you are quickly connected with great professionals. However, be sure you’ve limited your assignment so you don’t spam members!

Haven’t connected your phone to HackPack yet? Here’s how!

  1. Add and verify your mobile phone number in the settings

2. Receive a message directly to your phone when users send assignments

3. Respond back through your phone browser or desktop browser

PS still need a bit of guidance? Check out the video instructions on how to add your phone number.