Just when you thought we couldn’t go more meta than HackTM Meta, we decided to write an article about our first virtual hackathon. We promise it’s going to be just as fun as the competition itself, because whoa, it sure was a blast! But let’s rewind a bit.

It all started when a novel virus decided to basically cancel 2020 and have humanity spend more time indoors, doing some introspection. So, as we sat each in our rooms and dreamt about HackTM, we decided we weren’t going to just “not do it”. After all, we were excited to get back…

On February 1–3, 1540 teams of hackers from all over the world competed to secure their place in the final HackTM_CTF competition, which will take place at HackTM event, between May 22–24, at Sala Polivalentă Dumbravita, near Timisoara.

The Capture The Flag (CTF) competition offered Romanian hackers the opportunity to test their programming skills alongside countries like the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, Taiwan, and even Mongolia.

The ethical hacking competitions, more specifically those of the CTF type, gained increasing traction in the past years among programming enthusiasts of all ages. The attractiveness of CTFs lies in the…

New decade, same hack. Yes, we’re back! And our 2020 resolution is to give Timisoara the best HackTM edition to date and have a hella good time while doing so.

We hope you had the chance to scoop around the other tech happenings in town and that you’re now prepared to get back to the hack at HackTM in Timisoara. We’re definitely ready and, after the HackTM editions in Sibiu and Oradea, we’re fully-charged with fresh ideas.

Hold on just a second though. We’ve been apart for quite a while. Some catching-up is in order. …

Writing this article was a painful process. We reached the end of a road.

Chapter 1 of HackTM was a rollercoaster ride: since the first idea of a major hackathon in 2014 filled with enthusiasm, a cold-2015 we will never forget, to the Cantina years of 2016 & 17, and the tech-fest that was HackTM 2018, we’ve been through heaven and hell.

HackTM was build to strengthen the local tech community: to foster the connection between its members on one hand, and to nourish quality and competition, on the other. …

TL;DR: HackTM 2018 was AH-MAZ-ING ©

This took us a while to write this (as you can see more than a month :D), but HackTM 2018 was AMAZING. Here are the numbers:

504 registered participants, 64 submitted projects

60 mentors

200+ visitors

50% experienced programmers, 25% students, 25% junior league coders

20% ladies (take that, westeners!)

Wednesday — Lazy Loading

I was going to say it kicked off on Friday, but the truth is, it was actually on Wednesday evening, when we started mounting the tables. …

In the last two articles we covered some pretty important stuff about our new event location and how HackTM winners are chosen. This time we’d like to talk to you about some of the goodies you’ll experience, as well as how you can be more responsible during the event.

Goodies Galore

Let’s start off with the goodies. For the past two HackTM editions, our main food provider was the UPT Cafeteria. It came in very handy, but was it that exciting? 😇 Food is supposed to be, right?

HackTM is exciting, so everything around it should be as well. During our many…

This year we did something fresh & bold and got a new location… Sala Polivalenta in Dumbravita. Although this might seem a bit far from the city, we made sure you’ll have multiple ways to get there.

1. HackTM buses

We rented buses that will help you get from “Punctele Cardinale” in Timisoara to “Sala Polivalenta” in Dumbravita and later return.

The buses will have only two stops — “Punctele Cardinale” and “Sala Polivalenta”, it can’t make other stops on this route. You can check the schedule below.

There are lots of prizes to be won at HackTM 2018.

Our sponsors and partners set up a few specific challenges where you can prove your skill and creativity. You can win electric scooters, gaming consoles, phones, and other cool things if you build a project specific to their judging criteria. Read all about the sponsor prizes here.

Basically, if you build a web app that’s somehow connected to electricity generating bicycles, can be installed on a car and in your home, has a conversational interface AND caters to the community, you can take away all prizes. …

Some time after the HackTM 2017 feedback sessions we sat down in a meeting discussing the outcome of the event and where it will take us next.

Our hackathon is organised by Banat IT, an NGO with the mission of connecting, stengthening and promoting the IT community of the historical Banat region in South-Eastern Europe. The projects we undertake have mid- and long-term effects in mind, as is the case for HackTM, one of the greatests adventures of our organisation so far.

Debriefing the past 4 editions of HackTM and looking ahead towards the future, we disassembled the event concept…

For the past 4 years we talked about HackTM as the largest hackathon in South-Eastern Europe. Each edition saw not only an increasing number of participants, but a richer and more valuable experience for everyone who joined in on the hacking experience.

The 2017 edition marked a really special milestone:

Evolution of HackTM in T-Shirts

It took 4 years of hard work to finally get that picture taken and there’s so much pride in it. You can clearly see the evolution and read into it, if you will. Things didn’t always go as planned, but in the end we did it!

As we sat down…


Life’s too short to hack alone! Join the biggest hackathon this side of the planet!

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