Hacking Easter since 2014

We are getting closer and closer to Easter and the Bunny is nowhere to be found. Don’t panic, there is no time for that! Take a deep breath and start thinking about presents for your friends and family! We know that is not that easy to get the perfect gift for everyone, so we’ll give you an idea.

We might know what would be an amazing gift for an IT enthusiast or for a creative designer: a ticket for HackTM 2016.

We don’t want you to be sad either, so we are making you a present too! If you buy a ticket for someone close to you, we will give you a 50% discount for your own ticket so you can come together and develop the ideas you so much discussed about! Now all you have to do is to write us a message (an e-mail or a Facebook message) after you bought the first ticket and we’ll give you the promotional code for the other one.

You don’t have many options now, do you? Easter is in 4 days from now and after that, anyone who didn’t get the Easter present will stay sad for a looong, long time. Don’t let your friends be sad! Just go to our website, click on BUY TICKET and give the ticket to someone.

Did you click it yet?