High Tech Knowledge to Be Shared at HackTM eHealth Hackathon

We’ve enjoyed HackTM so much that we’re back again! This time we’re into something which hasn’t been done before: the first eHealth hackathon in West Romania!

But before we get started, we want to introduce you to one of our mentors which will surely change the way you envision eHealth in tech.

Karoly Szanto, mentor at HackTM eHealth

Karoly Szanto is a Technical Lead at 3Pillar Global in Timisoara. He is considered to be a technically astute developer due to his experience of over six years in the field of software development. Most his work involves dealing with cutting-edge tech and providing high-quality software.

Below you can find a brief but comprehensive description of his tech talk at @HackTM eHealth.

Ubiquitous Computing (ubicomp) is a concept in software engineering and computer science where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. One key concept in ubicomp is Context Awareness which represents the use of context to provide task-relevant information and/or services to a user. Some example context aware applications would be: using the user’s location to automatically provide information about points of interest in a city, using sensor data to track the user’s activity (biking, running, etc). Everyone with a smartphone has most certainly used such applications.

Pervasive Healthcare focuses on technologies and human factors related to the use of ubicomp in healthcare and for wellbeing. Further reflecting on context awareness, we can see how this concept plays a key role in pervasive healthcare: take for example a system which constantly senses the heart rate of a patient; whenever the heart rate drops below a certain threshold, the system notifies the medical staff.

In this talk, we will explore together the fundamental aspects in ubicomp. We will begin with a short journey, back to the time ubicomp was envisioned. Next, we will touch base on some key concepts in ubicomp, followed by an introduction to Pervasive Healthcare. Finally, we will have a look at several Pervasive Healthcare systems that I’ve encountered throughout my career.

If you happen to be thinking “this talk is way too theoretical”… don’t worry. I’m planning to guide my speech mostly based on cool systems that have been developed by cool people, with the hope to ignite your inspiration and to boost your motivation for the eHealth hackathon :)

Eager to find out more about eHealth solutions? Do you have a solution for the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing at the moment?

Join in at eHealth HackTM! Register on our website here: http://ehealth.hacktm.ro/