I don’t … ! What to do?

I don’t have an idea! What to do?

You really want to come to HackTM, don’t you? And you don’t have an idea?

That’s ok. You should still come. You can either join the people who have interesting ideas, or you can use an idea provided by the companies on the categories page.

If you just looove tech and if you loooove coding, don’t think about it too much! Grab the opportunity and have the time of your life.

I don’t have a team! What to do?

You tried and tried to team up with your friends but they are too lazy? Or HackTM is too mainstream for them? Nothing to worry! Other hackers have been bailed by their friends too!

You don’t need a team before the event in order to participate. Find those lonely hackers here and create a new and awesome team.

I don’t have an idea nor a team! What to do?

Just come already! Hackers are friendly, some of them even creative, and ideas can be found. Don’t search for excuses any longer!

Register HERE until Thursday, 19th of May, 1 pm!

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