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Apps are all around us!

Mobile is taking more and more space in individuals’ personal and professional lives. The same is happening with the businesses that are exploring the mobile world as new, unexplored fortunes-hiding territories.

In this context, mobile development platform creators are claiming that building apps has become as easy as getting the job done in several clicks by either experts and newcomers in the field.

Within the platform neutral mobile development track we encourage you to use your preferred native technology or any cross-platform framework to build up excellent user experience providing apps, packed with great functionalities for consumer or business end-users.

A significant number of excellent mentors are expected to contribute with their knowledge and expertise to the activity within the mobile track.

The mobile track jury will evaluate all participating apps, designate and (with the expected involvement of supporting sponsors) reward:

  • the best iOS app
  • the best Android app
  • the best Windows Phone app
  • the best Blackberry app
  • the best cross-platform app
  • the best app developed by an individual participant
  • the app with the best UI/UX
  • the best consumer app
  • the best business-dedicated app.

An overall track winning app will finally be proclaimed and awarded.

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