Hack Western’s Application: Decoded

Hackathon applications can be fussy creatures — we know that it can also be hard to understand what organizers are looking for. Here’s a breakdown of our application and some tips so you can submit the best possible application.

Demo fair, Hack Western 4.

What is something interesting that you learned in the last six months that you’d want to share with others and how would you teach it?

This question is your opportunity to show your passion. We want to know that you would love to code during a weekend, can push yourself to build something new, and will add to the experience of other hackers. We believe that sharing knowledge, guidance and experiences are the best way of learning.

Write about how you want to show your friends how version control works through a puppet show or how to create the Stuxnet worm. And if you’re new to hackathons or are non-technical, don’t worry! Show us your passion about anything — maybe explain how global warming affects our planet with a candle, balloons, and water (true story). With tons of mentors and hundreds of passionate creators around at Hack Western 5, there can’t be a better atmosphere to try something creative and new. We’re here to help you learn, and we want to see that you’re excited to share what you’ve learned too!

What do you hope to take away from Hack Western?

The theme for Hack Western this year is letting imagination take flight. We want everyone to walk away from the hackathon having created something cool and having learned something new.

Think about why you decided to click the application link and ended up reading this right now and what you are excited to learn or experience or share with others after Hack Western 5. We are not looking for any buzzwordy answers so don’t feel like you need to craft a well-polished, fluffy answer. We just want you to take some time to be reflective and be honest with us and yourself. :)

Resume and Github

We’d love to see evidence of your technical ability. Show us that you can build what you’re envisioning. We also want to see that you really care about building your skills and will continue to do so at Hack Western. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to know a ton of languages and frameworks inside out. We want to know that you took every opportunity to learn as much as you can and to see that you put the skills you do have to use.

If this is your first hackathon, don’t have much coding experience, and want to learn more, we’d love to show you around! Tell us about why you want to learn, what you want to learn, and how you’ll apply your newfound skills.