Meet Ruth Wong, Western Alumni

Today, we‘re featuring Ruth Wong, Western Alumni. Here’s a few things Ruth shared with us on her background and why you should attend Hack Western!

“I completed a BMSc degree with the Honors Specialization Computational Biochemistry module, followed by a Bioinformatics Master’s degree in the Gloor Lab at Western University. I took programming in high school, and did math/algorithm programming contests for fun through university, but never thought that I could do it for a living. In 4th year, I went to my first hackathon (MHacks III), and decided that maybe software engineering would be a good career to get into if I didn’t get into medical school. After undergraduate, I took all my summers off to do internships: first with a bioinformatics lab through Google Summer of Code, then at Google NYC.

Hackathons are a place where anyone can make anything. You have free access to hardware, software, and data, and people share technical advice and emotional encouragement like fish’s drink water. Everyone from the artist to the scientist to the economist can gain something from a hackathon, whether it’s to learn how to make an interactive light-up kinetic sculpture, process and display data, or create a website or mobile app.”

Ruth is currently working at Pinterest on the Core Site Reliability Engineering team. Western students, gearing up for the upcoming recruiting season? Check out to get resume and interview tips, and general information about the job application process.

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Meet Ruth Wong!
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