Think of a world with little or no bureaucracy, one where your information is yours and you can get paid for doing everyday stuff. It seems too good to be true, but it is very possible with blockchain technology.

Blockchain is gradually taking over the world, and Nigeria needs to start building the capacity to work with and support this. In the same vein, the Nigeria Blockchain Alliance have organized the Campus Blockchain Hackathon, supported by Hebron Start-up Lab, EOS University Project, Kora Network, and LUNO, starting with the best campus in Nigeria, Covenant University.

Campus Blockchain Hackathon introduced about 1000 Students to Blockchain Technology at Covenant University

Covenant University Campus Blockchain Hackathon is the first Blockchain Hackathon in Nigeria. Participants stand the chance to win N100,000 and other EOS based tokens by providing the best solutions to problems in Agriculture, Governance, and Financial Services. Participants also stand the chance to win a full time internship at Kora Network open to the best 3 participants. All participants get to become the pioneer members of the upcoming Blockchain Incubation Hub in partnership with Hebron Start-up Lab.

From Left to Right: Ekereke Precious(ONO Volunteer), Mr Efosa Uwoghiren(Head of Hebron Start-up labs), Mr Chinedu(Markering head at Luno in Nigeira), Mrs Owenize Odia, Country Manager for Luno Nigeria, Kayode Babarinde (CDIN Fellow), Kaka Toritseju/Tojukaka (Founder of the EOS University Project)

The events surrounding the Hackathon kicked off on October 3, 2018, with Blockchain Symposium at a Lecture Theater, and then a more profound lecture about blockchain at Hebron Start-up Lab, Covenant University.

The Symposium Keynote was made by Mr. Chimeze Chuta, Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group. The Nigerian Lead for Luno Mrs Owen gave a presentation on the “basics of blockchain technology”. ONO Super Partner and Co-founder of the EOS University Project Kaka Toritseju(Tojukaka) gave a presentation on “the importance of decentralized applications”. He used ONO a decentralized social network based on EOS and a tech education platform also based on EOS as case studies.

Mr Chimezie Chuta, Founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group
Mrs Owenize Odia, Country Manager for Luno Nigeria
Toritseju Kaka(Tojukaka) Co-founder of the EOS University Project
Kayode Babarinde, Program Coordinator, Campus Blockchain Hackathon, and CDIN Fellow

This is just day one. The Campus Blockchain Hackathon is scheduled to last for four days. On day two and three, the students will get training and mentorship from blockchain developers and on the grand finale which is day four, they will pitch their MVPs before blockchain industry experts.