TTC-1 VR Developer Log

By Andrew Despres and Braulio Chavez


We’re team Ludus and we’d like to introduce you to our first VR experience. This project is participating in Udacity’s VR Jam. The project is targeted for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and is currently in development.

TTC-1 (Time Travel Concept 1)

The year is 2044. Time travel was invented nearly 60 years ago and has since permeated every part of everyday life. Travelling to destinations in the past has became so common that ancient ruins have been razed and cleared out for continued development in the present day. The Time Protection Organization is an international organization that guides nations’ governments in regulating how time travel can be used, and implementing precautions to limit temporal pollution. For reasons that can only be speculated on, travel to the future has been outlawed and there isn’t a single device on the market that provides such capability.

One day, when browsing the Internet you stumble across a listing for a Camio TTC-1 prototype wristwatch — a precursor to the first mass-market time travel device. Without giving it a second thought, you place the order, excited at the idea of getting the chance to own this unique piece of history.

When a package is delivered you rip open the box and immediately put the watch on your wrist. While admiring its antiquated beauty the LCD begins to flicker and random dates begin appearing on the screen. At first you think little of it, but then it starts emitting a series of beeps followed by a blinding flash…

Camio TTC-1 Prototype wristwatch

When your vision recovers you see that you have been transported in time and you are no longer standing in your living room. The TTC-1 has gone haywire and you can’t get back to your home time. In fact you can’t change the time period at all. Just as panic is starting to set in, the watch begins to emit the same series as beeps and again you are sent through time to destination unknown…


The player is transported to a different period of time with various challenges to overcome. Here are a few of the ideas we sketched for when and where the player was transported.

Home — AD 2044

This is the start and end of the game. You are in the living room and notice a package on the table. Opening the package reveals an older model time-travel watch that you bought used off of the Internet.

Acquiring the TTC-1

After you have put the watch on the display begins to change to randoms periods in time. After doing this a few times it starts beeping at you, just before you are transported to another time.

TTC-1 Error

Raptor Attack — 66MM BCE

As your vision begins to recover you see that you are in a clearing surrounded by a dense forest. You can hear buzzing insects flying around you. After a few moments you begin to hear strange noises coming from the trees as brush begins to move just beyond the treeline. Suddenly three velociraptors enter the clearing. Fortunately there is a downed tree and a couple large boulders for you to hide behind. Scattered in the clearing are rocks and branches that you can pick up and throw in an attempt to send them away to investigate, or you can pick a place to hide and hope that the beasts go away.

Velociraptors hunting the player.

Robot Police Raid — 2082 AD (Near Future)

You’re home, but it’s 38 years in the future. You look around and see that not much has changed. A minute after arriving there is a pounding on the front door followed by a flash grenade sailing through the window and landing on the floor in the middle of the room. You are momentarily blinded and your ears are ringing. In the chaos the robots have entered the room and are ready to engage in combat. One of the first blasts knocks a shelf over and a gun on to the floor. Rushing over to grab the gun you begin to fight back.

Time Protection Organization Robot Police Raid.


With this project we want to experiment with implementing different user interaction mechanics, having many different scenes will give us the flexibility to do this.

The main mechanic for locomotion in the game will be through teleportation. The user will aim to the place where them want to be teleported to. We also are planning on having the user handle laser guns and swords. Take a look at this early video

Early Mechanics Test

In another planned scene we want the user to control a mecha robot from within the cockpit, by using a joystick for each arm and also shoot missiles when hitting the trigger in the joystick.

Joystick to control a Mecha Robot.

Here’s a small preview on how this Mecha Robot scene will look like:

Super Robot Fight.

Work to be done

We have some more scenes planned to be built and explore different mechanics for each of those. This is our first collaborative effort as a team and it is proving to be a learning experience for everyone, especially on the tooling setup to make sure that we have a non-breaking build of the project. Neither of us has worked on a project like this before other than small demos, and we find that it is a lot of fun. We’re excited to show you more in the coming days, stay tuned.

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