Employer Spotlight: HackerX Veritas Speed-dated Their Way to 13 New Hires

Jun 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Locations: Americas • Europe • Asia Pacific

From public recruiting events to private ones, HackerX does not stray from its core goal of putting talented developers in front great companies who are hiring. If you’re debating between participating in a public event over running a private one, and wondering what the differences between the two are, you’re in luck.

We’ve managed to pull aside a busy Chad Spotts, who is in charge of Global Talent Acquisition for Veritas, away from his tight schedule to share a little more about his experiences running private HackerX events for his organization and pulling off the feat of making 13 hires from a single private event!

Tell us a little about what your company does.

Veritas helps organizations transform their data into information, and provides solutions designed to turn those insights into their competitive advantage. Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies already use our core solutions.

HackerX Veritas at Roseville, Minneapolis // December 2016

Why did you choose to run a private HackerX event and how has it helped your company in its hiring practices?

We actually started out as a sponsor for the first public event in Minneapolis which we found to be a fairly positive experience. We then decided to give private events a try, which worked out really well — we made 13 hires from that private event alone. I expect that this is a strategy we will be pursuing annually.

“We chose to run private events with HackerX as a next step because of the ability to tailor it to our organization’s needs.”

How many times have you partnered up with HackerX to run private recruiting events? Tell us a little more about your overall experience.

So far, we’ve already done 2 private events with HackerX — one in Minneapolis, and one in Mountain View. We are currently looking at a third one sometime soon in the Bay Area.

The overall experience has been great. As with all other events, there were some slight communication issues and kinks at the start, but it was quickly smoothed over and streamlined by HackerX.

After our first public event, we chose to run private events with HackerX as a next step because of the ability to tailor it to our organization’s needs. Also, being private meant that there would not be any other competing companies present and the entire event is dedicated to helping our organization find the best talents who are the right fit.

Quality Networking Opportunities at HackerX Veritas // December 2016

Why should other employers consider being a part of HackerX?

Private or public, HackerX events provide quality networking opportunities. My top takeaway from all our HackerX events was the ability to meet people I haven’t met, and this in itself is a good reason to give HackerX a shot.

Do you have any tips and advice for other companies who might be thinking of taking part in HackerX and how they can leverage and maximize this opportunity to its fullest potential?

I think that embracing the experience is the biggest thing. Because HackerX’s concept is so different from others, approaching it without any expectations can help the whole experience. In fact, I think that being open was the main reason we’re successful at the HackerX events.

Veritas is always on the lookout for talented and diverse people to join their team. If impact, innovation, and a winning culture are important to you, then you might want to consider a career with Veritas. You may find out more about their team and available opportunities here.

Visit http://www.hackerx.org/private for more information.

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