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A Smart Garden System, an Upcycled Car Radio Game Console, a Companion Bot, a Night Vision Camera + More

Smart Garden System with Arduino Nano IoT

Use an Arduino Nano 33 IoT board along with a suite of sensors to monitor the weather and automatically water your plants!

1963 Pi Tourer Game Console

This 1963 car radio now has a new life playing RetroPie games in the workshop! It glows different colours and is easily portable.

A Basketball Stats Tracker, a NeoPixel Cube, a Water Quality Monitor, a Lapdock-Turned Laptop, an Intervalometer’s Intervalometer + More

Smart Basketball Scoreboard

What if an Arduino/Android solution was added to a regular basketball board to track my basketball training workouts? Let’s go for it!

PYNQ Controlled NeoPixel LED Cube

NeoPixels are great fun to work with. LED cubes are also very visually interesting. Let’s look at creating a PYNQ-controlled one!

A Giant 3D Printer, a Desktop Train Departure Display, a Portable Lightning Detector, a Pick and Place Delta Robot + More

BigFDM: Open Source, Large Scale 3D Printer

BigFDM has a printing area of 800 x 800 x 900mm, a BOM less than $3,000, and can be made in any fab lab near to you!

Raspberry Pi Powered Live Train Station Desktop Sign

Build a live train departure display for your desk with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and OLED screen.

A Particle Mesh Battle Bot System, a Set of Reaction Training Devices, a Digital Manometer, a Solar-Powered Pollution Monitor + More

Multiplayer Robot Battles with Particle Mesh

A system of three robots that can be controlled and battled by three different players via a mobile webpage.

Reaction Training Dummy

The wireless, high-powered LED lights are used as targets for the user to deactivate. Controlled independently and randomly.

A Crypto-Enabled Nespresso Machine, an Intelligent CCTV with Object Detection, a GPS Mapper for TTN, a Boat Simulation for Dementia Patients + More

Pay Per Coffee

A hacked Nespresso machine that requests cryptocurrencies in order to dispense coffee.

Intelligent Closed-Circuit TV with Azure and Nvidia Jetson

Using Azure IoT Edge on Nvidia Jetson Nano with Time Series Insights to detect objects in video feeds with offsite recording to the cloud.

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