• Never again, I tell myself 
    But this heart of mine owns itself 
    Straying, wandering, losing itself 
    Unable to contain itself

  • Am I in love or in lust
    Am I obsessed with the idea of you or us
    Am I going crazy chasing dust
    Or could this all be a diamond in the rough

  • It's not the outcome that kills me
    It's the assumptions and suspicions 
    Words said that can't be taken back
    But worse, words left unsaid

  • It had been a tough day
    I came to you for solace
    I said, let me go find myself
    A tad bit of happiness 
    A tad bit of loving 
    If I appeared distracted 
    It was by my insecurities 
    If I seemed distant 
    It was my heart wandering, wondering 
    When will my dreams come true 
    Some of which includes you

  • Just the other day I was asked 
    If you had a super power
    What would it be
    My answer, precognition 
    But now, I'm wishing
    I could turn back time

  • All I wanted to do was love you 
    How did you not see that

  • My emotions been running wild 

  • I did not ask you to fall in love 
    You say
    Since when does love need permission
    I ask

  • Give me your body, you said 
    No, I said 
    Give me your heart, you said 
    Perhaps, I said 
    Alas, I gave you both 
    But you nibbled on them
    And said you wanted them no more

  • Did it make you happy 
    Seeing me so tensed
    No self confidence 
    Did your heart do a happy dance
    Or simply sang a pitiful dirge

  • You want me to love you 
    I promise you I will 
    After I’ve learnt to love myself 
    I cannot give what I lack

  • Tell me how you did it 
    I was so sure I had my wall up
    Like a thief you scaled through 
    No, you didn’t bother to break through 
    You were in and out in a jiffy 
    Like you wanted to show off
    Tell me why you did it

  • I see you reading this 
    Is it me, is it someone else 
    Do I even care at this point 
    Oh well, good riddance

  • Believe it or not 
    It was just you
    I couldn’t be with another 
    Even if I tried 
    This heart can only love
    One at a time