New Beginnings

Hello, this is my new Medium page. I have decided that I should start one to improve on my writing skills and see what really rings the bell in me when it comes to something I am interested in.

I have always been interested in writing just to see where my imagination or moral, immoral thinking could take me. I’m Hady a 21 years old guy who majored in the Marketing field. I find it amusing how I reached the University stage in education, as I was literally not a very hard working student and never really cared or thought about what could happen next in my educational life. My parents put me in a public school and it wasn’t the best one in town, actually not even one public school in my country is worth mentioning. To begin with, they never thought us any English lessons and always thought that English would take me nowhere in my life but in my mind I was always interested in the language.

I began my learning process at the early age of 12 that’s when I started using computers and playing games on them. They really helped me begin the long process, using simple questions to my parents like “What does this word mean?”, “What does this quest-giver want from me?” and “What should I do?” These simple yet very important ones helped me solve quests I never would be able to understand without asking someone and teaching me the basics until now I continue playing computer games and improve my language and I never thank my school and never would thank it.

After introducing myself and writing about how I acquired the English language I guess I’m left with writing what I’m interested in the most. I really don’t have an answer for that it’s a bummer, I know. I often ask myself what is it you are interested in Hady? Then I wonder and wonder about the things that I like in life, obviously I say girls, fun, and partying…But then what? How about work, study, getting settled in the future? I don’t have answers and expect to find that in the coming posts.

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