Me and me

The gift is inside you 
When I was thirty years old, when I liked the idea of ​​tonic summer camps, I made the request to the concerned authority. I passed all the exams theoretical and applied with distinction but I thought it is easy, ((please don’t smile when I talk to you)) where I stopped? oh yes here………..I said:I thought it is easy but I didn’t know that it is the first step in the work simply is the field is not as words that we write on paper or in books in the reality is too different. The destination was to summer camps in a very beautiful city characterized by mountains and caves and monkeys that were laugh of us whenever we visited it I don’t know Why? but I love monkeys sarcastic laugh, it tell every things without moving her lips. Initially the camp administration was divided on every tonic ten childrens and I had a share of those young kids, and you know that the defference rearing in every child from house to another, and thier social conditions and health, psychological, and even the natural all this came in my theoretical lessons, yes you can say it’s asy for me. But the last step is not like you say after twenty childrens I have the honor to care for them at two different stages. The last one is very difficult, especially from the psychological state they were victims of war they saw their families killed in front of their eyes. Oh God, what to do? I don’t know how this kids feels and what are the orphan outlook in life? firstly I trust to myself and I find the Spiritual peace in me the most important thing for me and after that I’m having those facts time. It’s like who returned from the dead, carrying his coffin to his daughter’s lap and cry she said to him:I am always proud of you, even if you’re dead.
And if that life was not coffin as we wanted, but we enjoyed it very much. I found that the only way is to be in their place, and I am a victim also and an orphan like them. We started eat together and play together, and at the same time they were racing who is the first to be guarded on everything I have. Really It’s successful way I planted in their hearts the spiritual peace. The result through that stage is the peace spiritual is the important things in the world.

Do you remember that clown I meet him two days ago, he was crying he said to me :we are here to survive not living) Although I told him that the only thing that binds me with you is the hope. The hope is the peace inside every one of us. I assure you sir, that you do very well, do you think that it’s easy to do it? but you do it; you must be proud to yourself you are not like a soldier who kills everyone to have live in peace with his family and children. W hen I meet him it was silent after parting encounter lasted for several years, each of us was afraid to open a dialogue with the past at that time. Quickly human change, stumbled words on the lips of us … We were afraid of confrontation for years we parted and each of us has a spirit filled with love and devotion, and hope and emotions known only to the small hearts immaculate and net non-expert world problems. And far from lurking in the hearts of people. One day, we parted and we all loved goodness and seeks always kind word and a smile net and chest welcome all people even those who trespass against us ..

This is what does it mean the peace spiritual