The Interior Beauty

the past it’s not my choose

to living in the past or the future it’s my goal Then choose the problem it’s not here
it is a harsh blows That Gives you the Fate and destiny since the early hours of birth
Have we are try trying to live the present and we make Ourselves, and without lieing to ourselve
by the defense and for greater openness and develope it with the experience of hardship and suffering
 the inner beauty seeks harmony through others and also for any value because the sense of appearance that reassures and gives confidence is the smile of a heart that opens a gesture of a heart patient c is the opening of forgiveness
the interior beauty is like a garden that grows its flowers we care every morning and maintains it is the faith that we have to save nature
the interior beauty is not noticeable from the outside is the intellegence of the heart that gives some of the value it is manifested by our ways of acting in our attitudes every day it hides in the bottom of our hearts
it is manifested in the words
in the love of the truth
in sincerity
in the attachment has not hurt

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