Appling TQM in our daily life.

1- 5S HouseKeeping : It is important for us to keep our things clean and organize. 5S housekeeping helps me alot to keep myself organize in every manner. One of the example where I implemented the 5S concept is my wardrobe. My wardrobe use to be a mess and it was really hard for me to find and decide what to wear every morning . After organizing my wardrobe I found most of my clothes which is not in use and have to give them away, this created more space for me to keep my other things in an organized way in the wardrobe.

2- PDSA Model: There are many ways to take advantage of quality thinking to save time and money. The PDSA Cycle is also called the Deming Cycle, honoring the man who put together a smart plan . It is one of the quality tool that i usually use in my daily life.

PLAN : I use to write down the basic activities that are repetitive every week in my schedule book . This information is quite standard every week, this long term planning is very helpful for me to organize most of my activities.

DO: I try to follow my schedule very tightly in order not to move all the main activities around. In regards to the extra tasks, once I perform them, I check them out of the list to have in mind what’s really missing.

Study: At the end of the day I ask myself if I needed to move any activities, change due dates, allocate more time or do differently in order to achieve better results next time.

Act: After studying and analysing all my activites and ammend it, if required accordingly. Now I will move towards acting on it, implementing it, in whether the previous or new ammended way.

3- LEAN: The concept of lean is very essential to implement in our daily life . In this stressful schedule i found myself sleeping only 4hours at night that leads me to tiredness and crankyness. After implementing lean concepts i found that that i am spending most of my time in wastefull activities . I reschdule my sehedule to eliminate waste by applying the priciples of lean.

4- JIT: We defer our work on daily basis which cause diffciulties at the end. No one is accountble, only we are the ones who are accountable for not executing our duties on time. Like this, even I used to delay my work on regular basis, my chores and other activities, whom I am responsible for. Let’s talk about my sleeping habit, I used to be a very lazy person. I preferred sleeping late at night which led to I waking up late the next morning and the whole routine being disturbed, my responsibilities being delayed. Until one night I thought that sleeping early might help in bringing back my things to routine, in fact, this idea of mine really proved out to be successful. Now that I realize and follow the concept of JIT, I sleep early and wake up early, so i am able to put my things in routine and complete my chores on time too.

5- Pareto: I personally believe that, to be healthy, stay fit and act efficiently throughout the whole day, one should consume, eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits and fresh juice. Unlike me, though I used to consume healthy food and juices on regular basis but, my little consumption of “junk food” like chips, chocolates, drinks etc used to affect my potential and make me lethargic as well. The total amount of food amounted to 80% for healthy food and 20% for junk food. Then I realized that, it’s not always that the area which covers the most part will have the greater impact, instead often lower part may have a greter impact, like here. However, i realized this fact and reduced my daily consumption of junk food, which in turn increased my meatabolism and potential to work more and reduced my lethargy as well.