The power of Chewbacca

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Everybody’s on this one and it’s super insightful. Totally worth the 30-ish minutes it takes to read through.

Tons of interesting takeaways. One that stood out — the wild, fun Candace Payne’s original Chewbacca mask video shot Kohl’s iOS mobile app to the top of the U.S. Apple App Store and (obviously) spurred a run on Chewbacca masks. Payne mentioned the large department store twice in her video.

The power of (unintentional, we think) content marketing. It’s easy to see how brands will try to craft similar, seemingly natural viral events that catapult their messages/products to the masses.

Payne’s Chewbacca video is Facebook Live’s most viewed at over 153 million views, according to Meeker.

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