Michigan Bars

When you are traveling to a state you never have been to it’s always fun to try and find deals, fun places and good beer.

On Monday nights if you ever come to downtown Royal Oak visit these places for the best deals in the city. Bastone has amazing duck fries that are to die for. There beer is also super great. But if you want to get the best deal go there from 3–7 for there amazing happy hour deals. Next you can walk on over to Redfox where you will be able to try really delicous beer for only $2 drafts from 7pm-close! While you are there have some of their really good dinner plates. If you are a sea food fan then I reccomend you go to Lilly’s Seafood. They have all you can eat tilapia for under $15. While you’re there join their mug club and get a growler filled with your beer of choice, a tee shirt that will fit you ;) , and discounted rates on pints all for under $50 one time fee.

Tuesdays is a great night if you are in your college years or if you want to get really trashed for under $20. Walk to Downtown Royal Oak and head on over to O’tools. They have $2 mugs of Labt, Labt blue and one other that you can fill up to 64oz.

On a Wednesday you can head on over to Kona Grill out in Troy and grab half off sushi and select drinks. This is a really good deal considering how expensive sushi normally is! This deal goes from 3–7pm so you dont want to miss this one! To get this deal you must sit in the bar area and this also goes on other nights as well.

Thursdays sense you have been saving so much cash so far I think it’s time you treat you’re self. I highly recommend going to Griffen Claw Brewery in Birmingham. There beers are out standing and they have a really cool enviroment. Another top pick is Hopcat in Detroit. They have tons of really great beers! One thing to try when you are there is there crack fries they are really a unique treat. My last pick would be One Eyed Bettys in Ferndale. Their burger is truly something special and has one burger brawls. They have a huge selection on beers and the place its self is really cool and fun!

Friday is fun day! So head on over to Ale Marry’s in downtown Royal Oak and try to complete there bottle list. When you do this you will get 10% off for life, your name on the wall and a free tee shirt. It’s a fun and cool way to keep track of your beers and see some cool new styles you might not have tasted before.

One really cool app that can help you find where to go to drink is Untapped. download it and keep track of all the beers you have had, where you had them and how well you think they are. You can make friends on it, unlock cool badges and even find bars, breweries or where your beer is sold.

When ever you go out folks remember to be safe, have fun , and don’t drink and drive! Get a friend to drive you, taxi, or Uber.

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