The ARAW Token- connecting people to the digital world

Commercial business is heading towards the new beginning, now the business market is changing with the time. The new inventions and new technologies making everything easier and faster for the individual or vendors, The ARAW Token is one of the best examples which is creating unique things for the users and businesses both. Basically, it is a decentralized payment for the ecosystem, that supported by the ethereum blockchain. They simplify the working of the business and let them follow a safe and secure path that lead to their business profit. They are even beneficial to their users to whom they reward with the cryptocurrency.

Do you know what path they had adopted for increasing the channels of The ARAW Token?

Mainly they had adopted two different main verticals that help in achieving the goal:


As we told you in the beginning, the main aim of this business center is to be an important part of everyone’s daily life. People can easily use it at the time of shopping and for this; a buyer doesn’t have to change their shopping behaviors. For doing this they can easily be adopted the path of the e-commerce section, they get attached to the e-commerce platform. They are connected to this decentralized payment option.


This acts as a bridge between the consumers and merchants, cryptocurrency exchanges and even of the smart contract that awesomely manages the liquidity of this ARAW Token.

However, the most trusted marketing strategies that they adopted for reaching to the merchants and customers are:

· Trades shows and referral exposure

· Offer time to time beneficial rewards to their customers: this is said to be their first goal, here the customers are easily using the accustomed for using the ARAW platform for shopping daily. The customers get all rewards on time without doing many things there.

· They even encourage their customers to the use of the ARAW touch and pay card.

· By belief in the technology, they use to create the robust solution which attracts the leading merchants for joining the ARAW platform.

· Offer the mobile wallet integrated to the customers where they are to exchange the ARAW tokens in the form of the cryptocurrency like BTC and ETH.

· Open platform: they offer the plug and play websites on the e-commerce platform that allowing integration of the third party.

They simplify their working so that they can easily reach in the middle of the vendors who are there in search of a reliable and trusted platform.

The ARAW Token connected with several platforms or business and allows them to spread their business in the online market by using the ethereum blockchain platform. Everything that they plan is for the development of the e-commerce and let them deal in the cryptocurrency form. When you go through their strategies, you will find that they are doing well for the growing market. Besides this, they are offering the rewards and the loyalty programs which are really beneficial for the business and for the customers. You can be a member of just by having the appropriate knowledge about this working.


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